What I learned today: ENTHUSIASM!

What I learned today: Jan 9, 2016

Enthusiasm is CONTAGIOUS!

Would you like you convince someone to join your cause? Your team? Listen to your sales pitch?
It’s an old phrase I heard by in my direct sales days of selling kitchen knives. Yup. But it’s true.
“The key to persuasion, without being pushy, is enthusiasm.”
It’s not deception or manipulation.
It’s genuine enthusiasm. 
Ha, I even remember being asked to spell the last 4 letters of enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm cannot be faked. People know when you are authentic.
And every human being becomes enthused about something there sincerely are interested, excited, and passionate about.
For the knife sales, as lame as it sounds, I was a freakin knife nerd!
I still love the products and use them everyday. My friends and family own them. It’s the only wedding gift I give. 
And I haven’t worked for the knife company for nearly 2 years now.
But that level of enthusiasm stuck with me.

So I simply applied my love of physical fitness (formerly basketball, more recently trail running) and converted that enthusiasm to the gym.
And while majority of gym-goers are zoned out in headphones with music to distract from the hard work, I embrace it. 
I have an absolute blast.
I cannot hide in the gym because I’m that guy smiling and laughing between sets.
I don’t do things unless they are fun. And if I NEED to do something that ISN’T fun, well, I MAKE it fun.

All I’m saying is give it a try.
Try smiling at the strangers walking past you on the street.
Try smiling while you wave at that guy in the car who let you in their lane.
Try smiling for your own happiness and healthy well being.
Show some teeth in the morning when you’re tired. Go’head, just try.

You might like it. :)

This writing is from my video description from Jan 9, 2016.

Check it out here if you like. Raw. Uncut. Always 2–4mins in length.


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