Your own Story

There was a recent revelation that I had about one’s own ability. Was having a conversation with a friend that was frustrated with their friends’ progress in the dating world. The main reason they were even frustrated is because they only wanted to see their friends succeed, wanted them to be happy. While discussing the potential reasons for why they were having these experiences I mentioned something that I knew to be true, but never had a accurate way of expressing.

Both individuals have come to my friend with their complaints, with a desire to be heard and felt about the woes they’re experiencing. As much as we wish to be supportive and want to make them happy with whatever situation they may be in, at the end of the day we have no control in this regard. They are the writer of their own story, the pen marking down and dictating their own actions and thoughts.

How they perceive the interactions when beginning a courtship of any sorts will only be influenced by themselves. They have complete control of where the experience will bring them, whether to gain valuable insight to how or what they’re looking for in a partner, or to only wallow in their own self doubt and pity. We can poke and pry our friends as much as we want. If they are not willing to make any notable changes for themselves, no amount of outside pressure will sway their emotions.

Now, I’m not saying we mustn’t do anything to help propel our friends down the right path, but we absolutely cannot put so much pressure on ourselves with what is ultimately their own choice of being. They have the tools on their own to deal with any undertaking they may ever face. To forge forth a new chapter when the last has ended. We can only hope that when the next page flips our friends decide to write something new, rather than to write again the same chapter.

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