Why great photography makes a difference.

Looking to sell or rent out your home quickly? You have only one chance to impress interested customers — a few fast seconds to grab their attention. The photos you post of your home could make all the difference, so using a professional photographer is an absolute must. With the majority of home sales and rentals starting online having “pix appeal” can influence a buyer or renter tremendously and has become the number one way of leading to a purchase or finalizing a rental.

Listing a house with great photography, whether through an agent, website or Airbnb can not only increase the interest on the property, but also how much and how quickly it can sell or be rented for. First impressions are key and if buyers or renters aren’t excited by the photos you’re offering chances are they are going to move on to the next property listing. Great photos can also lead potential buyers and renters to have a positive emotion associated with the home, even prior to actually seeing it, thus leading them to purchase the property or leave a glowing review for the next likely renter.

Great photographers know the right angles, lighting, spacing and retouching techniques that can help get a house sold or rented quickly. They will edit photos to ensure the right highlights are highlighted and the colors pop in a dramatic, yet realistic way. While many may think this is something they can do on their own, this is no simple task and requires a high level of expertise to be done correctly. The little bit of extra money spent to get the job done right could make the biggest difference in selling or renting any size or priced home.

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