What I Learned About the Opioid Epidemic By Making a Documentary On It
Thrive Global

I am in constant pain from osteoarthritis and joint in juries and suffer needlessly because of this politically motivated crackdown on pain medication. I have never smoked or used recreational drugs and drink only occasionally. I have a BS in Chemistry and worked as a toxicologist and with my knowledge have always used pain medications as prescribed and in moderation (as over ten years medical and pharmacy records prove). However, I am treated like a drug seeking addict when I ask for help. Pain clinics charge over $1,300 for drug screening and push injections of cortisone costing well over $1,000 which ultimately destroy the joint after a few treatments. These clinics have become nothing more than new profit centers for greedy doctors and the myth of this “epidemic” is a tool of publicity seeking politicians. Read this; http://reason.com/archives/2016/05/18/opioid-epidemic-myths

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