Airporn Crowdsale Refund Statement

Dear contributors,

Thank you all for believing in our vision and we are very grateful for all your support. We really hope that we can make the porn industry better, however, we are disappointed to announce that we did not raise a meaningful amount of XXX token to continue on building the airporn platform that we plan to launch in 2018. Therefore, we decided to close the project, and with the respect to the ICO industry, we will issue a refund.

We will refund with the below refund policy:

  1. To issue a refund you should fill out the following questionnaire

2. Refund Application Period: November 14th, 2017 UTC~ December 14th, 2017 UTC

3. Refund Date: We will collect the response and issue the refund on December 20th, 2017 UTC

4. Refund Pool: 370.31 ETH (ETH raised minus our expense)

By the end of XXX token crowdsale (as of November 13th), we have issued 799,454.13 XXX token which is equivalent to 462.83 ETH. We have spent 92.52 ETH in total, 24.92 ETH on hiring a marketing advisor, 57.5 ETH on marketing advertisement, and 10.1 ETH on server maintenance.


Airporn Team