An intro to Airposted: simplifying the way we ship things around the world

We’ve all been shipping things around the world through traditional shipping services that take too long and cost too much and we don’t know why. Can you believe the international shipping industry hasn’t been innovated in 50+ years?

The team at Airposted has experienced the problem first hand: wanting something from another part of the world but having no way of getting it. Most specifically for me it was a specific brand of cookies I missed from back home (Bangladesh). In today’s shared economy, it only makes sense for a peer to peer shipping platform to exist; a place where buyers can connect with travelers who are willing to bring something over for them.

Airposted is Washington, DC based tech startup founded by myself (Rayan) and my two co-founders, Raisa and Mit. It’s a free, online, peer to peer platform that connects shoppers to travelers heading their way. The platform allows a traveler to carry a product for a shopper, while charging the shopper a carrying fee much lower than what they would have paid via traditional shipping services.

Airposted launched on Septemer 7, 2016 and the site has already been visited over 6000 times! We’re really excited to see that our first deals are being posted from all over the world — buyers and travelers are signed up from the U.S., Greece, Cambodia, Cyprus and Bangladesh, all in our first week of launch.

Whether it’s Swiss chocolates exclusively from Switzerland, the Indian spice that is found only in India, the less expensive international version of a textbook that students struggle to get from the US or a genuine Star Wars poster made in the US, using Airposted, anything and everything can now be accessed and delivered to anyone. We’re on a mission to diminish the hassles of shipping and price disparity that still exists in the world.

Read on to understand the process better:

A shopper can receive anything from anywhere in the world, simply by posting their product links while a traveler heading their way can post their trip itineraries and carry the requested item(s) for the shopper. Yes, it’s a simple process that eliminates the hassle of international shipping and the need of having relatives and friends in a country to buy and ship items for you.

Most importantly the platform, lets a shopper receive almost anything from anywhere in the world at the best prices. International shipping is not only a hassle, but expensive and the import charges are often higher than the price of the product itself. Airposted has also made it very easy for its shoppers to pay for the products, once they make a deal with the traveler. Airposted accepts PayPal and all major international debit and credit cards at the moment.

Using Airposted not only can a shopper enjoy the perks of great prices and unique products delivered to them, but the traveler who carries the product earns extra money, which could well fund his/her entire trip. Receiving money is also very easy for the traveler. The traveler will be paid out to his/her PayPal account, linked on file. The traveler will receive the full payment (carrying fee + the product price) once he/she successfully delivers the product to the buyer and the buyer leaves feedback. The payout typically takes 2–5 business days from delivery.

As a shopper, you simply search for a product from anywhere in the world, find a traveler, and have it delivered to you. As a traveler, you can list your trip, deliver an item, and earn money. Airposted allows its buyers to purchase products that may or may not be available to them otherwise at a discounted price and guaranteed lower shipping fee. It also allows the traveler to bring back goods from places they go and earn money doing so, consequently making traveling more affordable.

The billions of travelers flying every year all around the world can now be Airposted travelers who make money while traveling. Airposted has taken a unique approach to the whole shipping industry. Even more unique is our approach towards building a social community of trusted shoppers and travelers. Users can create their own profiles, with pictures and blurbs about themselves. Users are also able to message each other and upload their Facebook links, making them more trusted and credible.

In today’s shared economy and social world, we’re excited to offer a platform that not only enables people to shop for goods and travel the world, but also a means to discover new people and cultures and make lifelong connections.

With a unique approach towards the shipping industry and a vision to make “Shipping Simplified,” it seriously seems like the dark ages of international shipping are finally over. 
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