Shared Shipping — the future of the shipping industry

Though the future is generally hard to predict, a prediction for the shipping industry seems pretty foreseeable! The industry has been untouched since the first man landed on the moon! Yes! Since Armstrong’s visit in 1969! Traditional shipping companies’ monopolistic approach towards the industry hasn’t made it any easier.

Remember Apple Inc.’s famous Super bowl ad in 1984 introducing the Macintosh? It still resonates in millions of hearts! The ad made a statement, “You will see why 1984 won’t be like 1984”! And didn’t the bitten fruit of Eve or the last meal of Alan Turing change the year and the decades forever?!

With the advent of the internet, smartphones, apps, social media and the shared economy — the world has kept on innovating and changing! One had hoped the shipping industry will innovate too — but it looks it has promised not to!

Enter Airposted! Fortunately, like a breath of fresh air, Airposted (a P2P shipping website) has stepped to change the dynamics of the shipping industry — with a vision to simplify shipping through connecting people.

Airposted has a simple and easy to understand user interface, that allows shoppers (users in need to get something from another part of the world) to connect with travelers (users heading their way). Users can create their own profiles, with pictures and blurbs about themselves. Users are also able to message each other and upload their Facebook links, making them more trusted and credible. Airposted finally lets their users make choices — whom to send requests and who not to! A shopper can make offers and counteroffers on the traveler’s carrying fee — with the goal being to settle for a fee that works for both.

Airposted is tackling the shipping industry in a very unique way! They are rewarding their shoppers by putting an end to; price disparity and hassle of overseas shipping. On contrary, travelers are rewarded with the opportunity to earn some extra money for carrying products and making new friends and connections.

The security aspect has been well thought out as well. Airposted uses PayPal to process their user’s payment, making transactions secure. They accept payment by PayPal and any major international debit/credit card. Airposted’s approach to handling shopper’s and traveler’s security also seem legit. It is safe and secure for both parties. Shoppers do not need to worry about their money (once they reach a deal with a traveler and pay for the product, Airposted holds their money in escrow, unless the traveler delivers the product and the shopper has left a feedback). Once feedback is left, the traveler gets their money paid out to their PayPal email linked on file. In case of disputes, email Airposted with your order number and there is an 8 hour get back promise. Sounds great! Right?

With over 25,000 visits in 20 days and shoppers and travelers signed up from more than 15 different countries of the world; Airposted’s idea of a social platform for shoppers and travelers seems to be working! In the current age of Uber, Airbnb, Facebook and shared economy, is a must check out site! With a social and shared approach to shipping where both the traveler and shopper gain something — Airposted is making a statement (they are here to stay and revolutionize the shipping industry).

The process of becoming an Airposted shopper or traveler explained:

Airposted, lets a shopper receive almost anything from anywhere in the world at the best prices. International shipping is not only a hassle but expensive and the import charges are often higher than the price of the product itself. Airposted has also made it very easy for its shoppers to pay for the products, once they make a deal with the traveler. Airposted accepts PayPal and all major international debit and credit cards at the moment.

Using Airposted the traveler who carries the product earns extra money too. It could well fund his/her entire trip. Receiving money is also very easy for the traveler. The traveler will be paid out to his/her PayPal account, linked to file. The traveler will receive the full payment (carrying fee + the product price) once he/she successfully delivers the product to the buyer and the buyer leaves feedback. The payout typically takes 2–5 business days from delivery.

As a shopper, you simply search for a product from anywhere in the world, find a traveler, and have it delivered to you. As a traveler, you can list your trip, deliver an item, and earn money. Airposted allows its buyers to purchase products that may or may not be available to them otherwise at a discounted price and guaranteed lower shipping fee. It also allows the traveler to bring back goods from places they go and earn money doing so, consequently making traveling more affordable.

With today’s shared economy and social world, we’re excited to offer a platform that not only enables people to shop for goods and travel the world, but also a means to discover new people and cultures and make lifelong connections.

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