Introduction to our New line of Product: Air-Con ! Your Airdrop Container

4 min readApr 12, 2024



In today’s DeFi landscape, controlling liquidity is essential. Protocols and emerging blockchain networks employ rewards like points and multipliers to attract investments, leveraging these tools to intensify competition for assets. This battleground highlights a crucial truth: platforms that can effectively manage and direct liquidity are set to lead the market. Enter Air-Con, our Airdrop Container. Designed to capitalize on strong liquidity, Air-Con secures substantial rewards for our users, making it the perfect choice for anyone aiming to enhance their returns simply and effectively.

How Does it Work?

Our system is powered by the $APUFF token, which is already active and can be utilized within our ecosystem. We are also excited to introduce our “Pointonomic” framework — a dynamic incentive program designed to enhance user engagement and maximize rewards across multiple blockchains and applications.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tokenomics: Traditionally, tokenomics serve as a fundamental tool to incentivize product usage and enhance rewards. Our approach extends these benefits to increase the utility of our tokens.
  2. Pointonomics: This system takes flexibility to the next level. It allows for incentives to be dynamically set, making it ideal for a multi-chain and multi-purpose environment quickly. This adaptability makes it an excellent tool for integrating with the Airpuff bribing mechanism.
  3. Deposit and Earn: Users deposit their assets into the designated Container to start earning. For example, by depositing vETH (Vector Reserve) into the corresponding Container, users not only earn Air Points but also additional v-Points — offering greater rewards than simply holding vETH in users’ wallet.

What is Air Booster?

Air Booster is a mechanism designed to create a robust bribing ecosystem within our platform. This system comprises three key elements: Base Booster, TVL Booster, and Matching Booster. Each plays a distinct role in amplifying the rewards for our users.

  1. Base Booster: This foundational element is key to initializing reward mechanisms in new containers before significant Total Value Locked (TVL) or multipliers are established. It serves as the initial spark for more dynamic boosts that follow. Additionally, with the anticipated launch of $veAPUFF at the end of April, holders will have the power to vote on Base Booster settings, directly influencing the typical bribing mechanisms and enhancing their strategic impact.
  2. TVL Booster: This booster is directly connected to the TVL of a specific container. The principle is straightforward: the more assets a container holds, the more negotiation power it has. This increased power enables us to secure more substantial rewards and incentives from our partners, enhancing the overall value proposition for our users
  3. Matching Booster: Serving as a direct incentive for underlying protocol/chain, the Matching Booster functions as a strategic bribe. It encourages these entities to provide additional rewards to our containers. When combined with the Base and TVL Boosters, the Matching Booster helps to propel a flywheel effect, benefiting both the protocol/chain and its users through enhanced rewards and engagement.

Why DeFi-less Container?

In the DeFi space, it’s common to see offers of three or four-digit APRs. But why do these often fail? The reasons range from returns being merely indicative, insufficient capacity, to significant security concerns. Many DeFi strategies cannot guarantee 100% safety, especially those involving complex protocols or strategies.

This is where our DeFi-less product line becomes a game-changer for airdrop farming. With DeFi-less containers, users can deposit assets without engaging in any strategies, yields, or staking. Your assets simply sit in the container, and while they won’t generate returns directly, you can still earn significant rewards through airdrops, tokens, or multipliers externally. This approach may not offer three or four-digit APRs, but it’s undoubtedly the safest way to farm additional rewards.

Anymore Information You Need to Know?

  • Special Launch Promotion: To celebrate the launch of $APUFF, from April 12, 2024, to April 24, 2024, a 5x Air Booster will be applied to all Containers.
  • Airpuff Point Visibility: The total number of Airpuff Points circulated will be displayed. Your earned points will also retroactively appear starting from April 16, 2024.
  • No Fees Policy: There are absolutely no charges, including management, deposit, or withdrawal fees, for all containers permanently.
  • Season 1 $APUFF Airdrop: This involves calculating the Season 1 $APUFF airdrop, accounting for 4% of the total supply, to be distributed in end of May 2024. (2% unlock, 2% subject to vesting)
  • Referral Rewards: Container activity is eligible for referral rewards,

Let’s farm airdrops together and enhance rewards safely!




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