Evaluate the Effects of Ambient Air Pollution with Smart Air Quality Monitor

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Feb 10, 2018 · 3 min read

Over the last decade, Air Purifiers have become more popular and gained more demand among people. But the question is why they are more popular? What exactly is their purpose and how do they work? We all know that the air we breathe is becoming more polluted day-by-day that’s the reason people suffer from different types of respiratory problems, like asthma, allergies, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis among other respiratory illnesses. However, this will not be wrong to say that controlling the level of air pollution is not in hand of a single person. Here is something that can help you to get rid of these respiratory illnesses by making your air clean and polluted-free that is AIR Quality Monitor.

What is Air Quality Monitor?

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Air quality monitor is designed to evaluate the level of pollutant by measuring types and quantity of certain pollutants from outdoor air as well as surround. It preserves and improves the quality of inside air. Smart and new quality air quality monitoring technique allowing us to intensively describe air quality, rather than trusting on fixed sites to offer a representative picture of air quality. It helps us to assess air quality in an area by using temporary sites which can be moved around multiple locations.

Presently, there are different types of air purifiers available on market with a smart look and amazing features. You can opt Laser Egg, Laser Egg 2, Laser Egg 2+, Kaiterra App. All these smart air quality monitors are associated with amazing features, including:- MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLE ( Laser-based light scattering (mie)), MEASURABLE PARTICLE SIZE (0.3µm — 10µm), AQI (US EPA & CHINESE) (1–500), PM2.5 CONCENTRATION ( 1–999µg/m³), PARTICLE COUNT (90–65536 particles / 0.1L), ACCURACY ( ±10%), RESPONSE TIME ( 10–100ms), MATERIAL (ABS plastic), CONNECTION (Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz), SCREEN (2.6” full colour LCD), BATTERY ( 2300mAh Lithium), BATTERY LIFE (~8 hours), INPUT VOLTAGE (9DC-5V), INPUT CURRENT (1A) among others.

The best air quality monitor determines what kind of indoor air impurities that you want eliminate. If you want to buy these smart and technologically advanced indoor air quality testing kits or best air quality monitor, then you can explore your search through the internet to reach the right destination. This will help you to get complete information about the company before considering them.

Here is one of the leading and well-known air quality monitor device provider companies, specialize in offering technologically advance, affordable and sophisticated air purifier or air quality monitoring systems that help you to improve the quality of life by making your inside air polluted free. If you want to buy air quality monitor, then you can place your order. Your desired product will be delivered to your doorstep in the best possible price.

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The Kaiterra Laser Egg 2 is associated with high Accuracy, WiFi Enabled Indoor Air Quality Monitor with PM2.5, Temperature and Humidity Sensors. The company always strives to exceed the satisfaction and expectation of their clients by offering smart air quality monitor. If you want to know more information, feel free to visit at Kaiterra.com/in/.

Airpurifier India

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