by Nathan Peck

Microservice architecture is a well known development approach at this point, but for every success story in which microservices have helped a company make a fantastic backend there is another failure story where things didn’t work out. The purpose of this article is to share how the Airtime engineering team has built an efficient, scalable, and extensible microservice backend.

From the beginning we made a conscious choice to leverage appropriate AWS services to solve most scaling issues so we could focus on implementing product features. One choice was to leverage AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) to remove…

by Daniel Klaus (President)

I’m afraid we’re in for the fight of our lives.

Last month, I had the pleasure of hosting a panel at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival to discuss the subject of digital addiction and subsequent loneliness. With a stellar lineup of panelists, each bringing a distinct perspective to the table, we delved into the heart of this issue to tackle it from all angles.

I was surprised to hear how frankly Aza Raskin, panelist and co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology, spoke about the ways in which social networks manipulate people, particularly teens. …

Social media is taking a pounding lately, from lawmakers and journalists and advertisers — not to mention investors and public health experts. It’s been hammered for a range of catastrophes, from topping governments to inciting violence to wrecking a generation’s self-esteem to promoting anxiety and tech addiction.

And for the most part, it deserves it.

But that doesn’t mean social media is inherently flawed or completely irredeemable. It’s not evil on its own. It does need saving. It requires nothing short of a total rethinking for its reason for being.

That is, is social media really built for human connections…

It’s time for some harsh New Year’s honesty. The rise of social media, coupled with smartphones, has led to a vast, still-expanding societal crisis.

Sound a bit dramatic? It’s actually deadly serious. Our kids’ lives are at stake.

To be sure, no one single person or company in the media, advertising and tech industries are to blame. But we all need to do something about it.

The stakes couldn’t be higher

In the past decade, Silicon Valley’s tech giants have essentially been conducting a vast sociological experiment with zero oversight, regulation or foresight. …

By Lauren Delisle

At the risk of sounding like an over-nurtured millennial, before two days ago, I had no idea how to work the buttons on the washing machine of a public laundromat.

I’ll skip through the first five minutes of the experience where I legitimately stood staring at the assortment of buttons below the washing machine.

I will also only lightly touch on the fact that tears may have sprung to my eyes in an instance of existential dread where I realized my childhood had officially ended. Naturally, the next step was calling my mom.

I regret to inform…

Television has seen its fair share of millennial stories set to the harsh backdrop of New York City: from the infamously petty Girls on HBO, to Comedy Central’s quirk-tastic Broad City, and the more recent and introspective Search Party on TBS, just to name a few. Touted as the most selfish generation to date, these programs highlight the dangers of privilege and a lack of self-awareness thought to be prevalent in this digital age. Starring predominately white actors and showcasing overwhelmingly upper-middle-class lifestyles, a trivial picture is painted of the so-called hardships of this modern age.

Enter Tough Love; another…

iPhone user (Pexels)

Supporting iOS users through developer responses is increasing positive feedback and good vibes.

At the Heart of Airtime: Community

Airtime is a group video chat app for internet lovers. Our team is focused on building an exciting, welcoming, and safe space where people can internet together — whether that’s watching YouTube videos or listening to the best SoundCloud tracks out there.

The feedback our Community team receives about Airtime comes from far and wide. We pay attention to all of it. …

Airtime isn’t any old app. We’ve spent a lot of time making it a better kind of social media, the perfect place to do all the stuff you love to do.

Airtime is the app for you if you like to:

  • Binge YouTube videos with your friends (like adorable cat videos)
  • Listen to playlists and songs from Spotify (like Lorde’s personal playlist)
  • Video chat on your phone (from anywhere)
  • Watch movie trailers as a group
  • Drop gifs into the room as you chat your friends
  • Watch your friends’ reactions as you show them Twitch videos (Call of Duty FTW)
  • Create…

The best campus ambassador programs are about learning real-world skills while promoting a great product. Image source: Flickr CC user COD Newsroom

Imagine this: thousands of fans come to see you, cheering and screaming when you walk on stage to…show them the newest tech or app you created. Why? Because entrepreneurs are the new rock stars, that’s why.

Startups, innovation, apps — these are what dreams are made of now. Instead of playing guitar in a garage band and trying to make it big, we’re all coding in dorm rooms and talking about disruption.

It’s really cool, but there’s more to it than just having great tech or ideas. …

There are lots of apps out there to choose from, but in college, you’re busy and you need to know you’re using only the best and most useful. Image source: Unsplash user William Iven

Everything is new in college, and man, is it busy. You’re on the swim team, writing for the school paper, joining a fraternity, and thinking about getting involved in the campus LGBTQ organization, along with majoring in poli-sci. You need to make sure that you’ve got the right app arsenal, apps that can help with studying and organization, plus social apps that can handle all the newness while letting you keep in touch with old friends.

So you’ve got class, clubs, sports, old friends, new friends, study buddies, intramural teammates, and — ahem — hookups. Which apps are best for…

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