AirTM and Zcash: Financial Freedom and Opportunity

3 min readMar 7, 2018


Latin America holds great promise. Sadly, the region has had a tumultuous history of harmful decision making by policy makers. It is every day citizens who end up paying the price — watching the doors of financial opportunity close on them as a consequence of high inflation, lack of economic mobility, and isolation from the world economy.

Our mission at AirTM is to provide greater financial freedom to developing world countries, and we believe that giving people more choice and connectivity will bring us closer to achieving this goal. With AirTM, anyone, no matter where they are located, can provide financial relief to ordinary citizens in countries such as Venezuela by donating or sending remittances. Recipients have the flexibility to withdraw their funds to their local bank account, or any of the other legacy e-money networks AirTM is connected to (PayPal, Payza, and more.).

For freedom to exist, however, privacy is essential. With its innovative privacy technology, Zcash makes it safer for anyone to send or receive money, giving them the confidentiality needed to protect themselves from persecution by the authoritarian regimes that they live in. That is why we are partnering with Zcash to offer people throughout the developing world the ability to buy and sell Zcash through our P2P network.

Both the Zcash and AirTM teams share a common goal: to promote financial freedom for those living in harsh economic regimes by bringing them greater connectivity, ultimately opening the doors for a better quality of life.

We could not think of a better partnership that complements our values and objectives so closely, and we are excited to partner with the Zcash team on this this new initiative. By working together, Zcash Corp. and AirTM are one step closer towards bringing greater freedom and financial connectivity for everyday citizens in developing world countries.

“The mission of the Zcash Company is to provide economic freedom and empowerment for all people”, states Zooko, Zcash Corp.’s Founder & CEO.

“In the service of that mission, we are proud to work with AirTM to offer low-cost, fast international money transfers and currency exchange to the people of Venezuela who so urgently need it. AirTM now supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, and other cryptocurrencies in addition to many fiat payment systems, giving Venezuelans at home and abroad many options to get the money they need.”

Under the partnership, AirTM will extend its P2P network to the Zcash blockchain, and will support Zcash balances in the AirTM dollar denominated e-wallet. AirTM network peers in over 115 countries will be able to buy and sell Zcash in exchange for local currency or e-money (such as money in PayPal, Payza, Skrill, and Neteller, among others). At the same time, Zcash will incentivize its global base of miners, investors, developers, and traders to join AirTM’s P2P network.

“Our vision is to empower people to help each other move value between the world’s financial networks, including the burgeoning universe of blockchains and tokens,” comments Ruben Galindo, AirTM’s 27 year-old Co-founder and CEO.

“We believe in freedom, fairness, and that people and businesses in the developing world deserve access to innovative new cryptocurrencies like Zcash.”

Katherine Ling

Marketing @AirTM

*Note: AirTM currently supports transparent addresses and will upgrade to support shielded ones in September when the Zcash Sapling upgrade activates.

Interested in using AirTM? Just go to and register. In addition to being able to access your PayPal, and Payza balances as local currency, you can use AirTM to pay, receive payments, save and send U.S. dollars to anyone in the world. If you would like to contact us, you may email me at