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Week #19

Twitter reveals the science behind the perfect hashtag

Pioneered by Twitter over the years, hashtags are now an indispensable part of the entire social media culture.

Technically, they are an essential component of reverse-searching or engaging in a unique set of conversations, but in practice they have an even deeper impact.

To learn more about the undergoing science, their team analysed hashtags used by reality TV shows in the US.

The set included — over 350 hashtags from eight primetime shows broadcasted during the period of January to July 2014. These tags fell into the top 50% of the telecast hashtags and ranked by maximum Tweets per minute.

Traits of the perfect hashtag:

· Includes the show name (or product name): Tweets per minute substantially hiked when the show name was included.

· Use a member name (case name): Using hashtags like #TeamLiquid or #TeamSam generated more Tweets per minute than the average hashtags including names but without using the word ‘team’.

· Describe a moment in 15–17 characters: Shorter hashtags are sometimes harder to the adopted, so make sure that the hashtags is self-explanatory of the associated context.

Source: Twitter Media Blog

What Indian brands can learn from their foreign counterparts

Most modern businesses have picked up social media as a platform for promotions and engaging customers, yet only some brands master the art.

Let us take some commendable examples that demonstrate how a brand can use social media effectively and how simplicity wins in the long run.

1. Converse A company with such an interesting name must live up to its legacy of customer engagement. And, Converse does that by engaging the customers and sharing youthful content from the community of buyers.

They have also integrated the channels from other social platforms on their Facebook page.

2. Oreo
Oreo has been known for the excellent branding and social media efforts for a long time.

The team wisely leverages social platforms on every global or regional occasion to celebrate it by enlightening the users how it makes up for a perfect moment to have an Oreo.

The creative and simplistic approach is surely well-applauded.

3. The Wall Street Journal Media houses are generally known for sharing all kinds of content on their pages to maintain the balance of requirements. But WSJ is not an ordinary news network, the team put constant efforts in creating exceptional images and infographics to accentuate the context.

The titles are also complementary to the story with precise information about the news.

Source: Lathesis blog

Indian startups expanding the customer support teams

As per the latest news from the recruitment firms, customer support teams of certain Indian startups are on the verge of expansion.

Companies like Snapdeal, Ola and Zomato are placing higher stakes on their customer support divisions with a swift hiring strategy.

Snapdeal appointed a new customer service team head last month and the staff strength doubled in the previous two quarters standing at a respectable 1500. On a hiring spree, 500 employees are expected to join within the upcoming quarter.

After Zomato launched the online ordering feature last month, it is also seeking employees in this domain.

Source: Economic Times

How social customer support is now the core of marketing

Social Media Today recently conducted a live webinar on social customer service called as SMT Live.

Vital takeaways and conversations:

· Social media customer care is the ‘revolution of the decade’ for businesses.

· 87% customers seek help online.

· 50% of sales in 2017 will be influenced by digital experiences

· 66% of the consumers view call centers as a last resort.

· 80% of business don’t think their employees have the technical skills.

Source: Social Media Today

Highlights of Twitter customer care from Q1 2015

Socialbakers analytics report was released this week, providing some global insights about the customer care by brands on Twitter.

Brands are still ignoring customer conversations on Twitter, which is surely underwhelming.

Certain major takeaways of the report:

· Two major measurable KPIs for brands should be — Response Time and Response Rate.

· Brands responded to only 30% queries, far from the ‘Socially Devoted’ benchmark of 65% response rate.

· The solution to control response rate is to improve your response time.

· Brands using social media management software and tools gain more than 5 times higher engagement.

· Industries that ignored most social conversations are — Telecom, Electronics, E-commerce, Retail and Finance.

· Surprisingly, similar industries are having the highest response rates, namely — Telecom, Airlines, Finance and Services.

· It is evident that these industries are taking efforts, but are falling short of deliverable bandwidth of resources.

Source: Socialbakers Blog

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