How To Get That Perfect Winter Flushed Cheeks #aisaTips

One of my favourite makeup looks during the Winter season is definitely fresh and glow skin with flushed cheeks. This “just out of the cold” look is the most asked questions by my clients — it’s just a simple look but fun to wear.

The winter flushed cheeks looks really pretty and doll-like that reminds me of the early Victorian era makeup, ladies from late 1790s to 1830, revealing the popularity of very pale complexions with rosy cheeks, somewhat red lips, and perhaps a bit of eye-liner.

Taken from Pinterest

This makeup looks makes our face looking fresh when the winter temps hit and your skin feeling dull and pale. It is definitely super simple to achieve and requires few products with great makeup execution. You only need to keep the face makeup with minimal products as not to take away from the coloured cheeks — great for an instant face pick me up!

You can use any shade of blush that matches your skin tone as long as you apply it correctly and doesn’t go cray cray with the rest of your makeup. Rose pink, coral red and bright pinks are my go to colours!

How To Do ‘ The Look’

  • Choose your preferred cream blush ( yes, cream blush as opposed to powdered) or you also can use cream lipstick or lip and cheek tint. Note : I recommend using cream based product as they give a satin finish on the cheeks and mimics the natural flushed-looking-cheeks. As opposed to powdered, it tend to set as matte finish and enhanced the dry look of your skin.

** Personally, I don’t have any preference on product brands, I’m a firm believer on doing correct technique / execution matters the most in achieving any makeup looks.**

  • Using your clean two middle fingers, pat your fingers into the blush picking up some of the product.
  • Lightly smile and gently apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend the colour backward. If you feel you’ve applied too much colour, use a sponge or beauty blender pat over the top to pick any colour excess until you get your desired finish.

Thaat’s it! Isn’t that easy and quick to do makeup? Give it a try and let me know your thoughts on this.

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