11 Must Haves as a Bay Area Techie

If you’re planning to adopt the Bay Area Tech lifestyle then here are some deals to get you started.

Amazon Echo Dot

Be the Trendiest techie in the group and enjoy the liberty to control anything ranging from music to the lights in the house. Amazon Echo Dot allows you to bring Alexa with you to any room. $49.99


Walk into that conference, with confidence and a Hermes Jacket. This crisp brown leather jacket from Hermes 2017 collection, will definitely set you from the rest.

Google Daydream VR

A little daydreaming harmed no start up. Purchase Google Daydream view, to experience a whole new reality, wearing a lightweight headset for comfortable wear, with an intuitive controller for hands-on experience of your VR adventures. $78.21

Tabula Sense Smart Desk

You may not want to move away from your desk for the whole day, might as well invest in this Tabula Sense Smart Desk, then.This technologically advanced desk is about to make your job a breeze, with built in Bluetooth speakers, and wireless charging spots. $2490

FitBit Surge Fitness Tracker Superwatch

Run along the Pier in your workout clothes and we’d still spot the tech geek, if you’re wearing the latest Fit bit release, Fit Bit Surge Fitness Superwatch, that comes in a classic black model, along with other colors, with advancements in features like GPS tracking, Pulse rate and alarm clock. $241.75


Now use all your hard work only towards creating the ‘Next Best thing’, not towards maintaining a healthy diet. Soylent, a redefined protein drink, will take care of that matter with a complete blend of protein, carbohydrates, lipids and micro-nutrients. $32.30/ month

Fogpen 3 in 1

Be the ‘I-T’ guy, among your 420 society, by carrying this sleek Fogpen, with 3 in 1 HIGH End Kit, by Myster. Show this extremely attractive vape pen off, by vaping everything from dry herb, wax and e-liquids, on the go. $64.00

Nanoleaf- Aurora Smarter Kit

Since you may not even go out of your room, why not make that room space a fantasy, with the Nanoleaf-Aurora Smarter kit, a personalized smart kit to customize illuminating color patterns, using an app in your phone. $199.99

Coravin Wine Access System

Fancy up your apartment and your social life, with this must-have wine access system Coravin, which allows you to pour wine even without opening the cork. After use, the wine will also continue to evolve at a natural pace, without the threat of oxidization. $421.00


Get the right kind of food with Munchery’s chef’s special that’s made out of whole ingredients and is ready to eat, and you have it at your doorstep in minutes.

Finally, the hub for your revolutionary ideas, your apartment. Lease out this comfortable and stylish home, in the greatest city by the Bay, offered at Channel Mission Bay Apartments, a LEED gold certified community. Starting $3,585

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