It’s amazing how motivating desirability can make us. This week has been trying and transitional and I had been a bit down in the dumps. Then, my phone dings. Oh, the wonderful sound of a text message validating that someone, somewhere wants to interact with you for some reason.

Earlier in the day another friend shared a job posting with me and I heard back about another opportunity. More dings on my phone. More validation.

Perked up, I no longer felt sorry for myself and my circumstances and a surge of ambition rushed through my body. I’m sending out resumes, reviewing writing samples, and creating my first post on Medium.

While it may not necessarily be healthy to use recognition as a motivator, I do think it’s important to remind people that we appreciate them. Everyone hits a rough patch, and occasional reminders letting people know we care are sometimes just the extra bit of umph we need to make it over the next hill.