Being Grown up is Hard- A Maturing Woman's Dilemmas

Yes, so what’s new right???? All the same, talking about it, lamenting and knowing you are not alone is kind of comforting. We all have our dreams of the perfect life, it’s often: the perfect career, the perfect relationship, perfect vacations,the perfect body, loving family and friends, ……….and the list goes on.

Then one day you wake up and you are in your 40’s and you hate your Job , or are still looking for one or you have one and it’s probably about all that is working out right in your life or you are finally gathering up the courage to start up your own business and you keep thinking, will it work? will i have the customers i need? will I ever make the kind of money I want? will it be a success? will I find the satisfaction I have been dreaming about?…... As for relationships, when you are single you have dreams of meeting THE ONE but as time goes by, especially when you are older you realize that you may need to drop your standards if THE ONE will move from dreams to reality. On some days you feel that you might even be single forever and that may not be so bad after-all and on others you cry yourself to sleep, your heart filled with loneliness. On the contrary when you are married, more often than not, you keep wondering what you got yourself into and keep thinking that perhaps you made the wrong choice, maybe you could have gotten a better deal if you were with some one else. You consider quitting but think about the kids and wonder if you are just being selfish, you think of all the time and effort you’ve invested and then you also think, what if you even end up in a worse of situation than the one you think you are in?….. Almost everyone loves vacations but, do they have to cost so much??? You work so hard and then you end up spending a great deal of your earnings (except if your a celebrity or super rich)on a 2 week vacation but then again if you don’t, what’s the whole essence of life, whats the purpose of money if you cant enjoy it……… Ahhhh and as soon as you cross 35 you find that you try so hard to stay in shape, it seams like even drinking water adds pounds to your weight. You try all the different diets and exercise routines that exist and still find yourself struggling. If you are succeeding you probably live on salad and water or are among the extremely few lucky ones who can eat almost anything and get away with it. Or you are one of us and your weight keep fluctuating like a yo yo. Then to top it up your beauty regime probably has to include some anti aging creams cause you look in the mirror and your reflection is just not as satisfying as it used to be………..Hmmmm, family and friends, you love them, you feel like you hate them, they are the best part of your life, they hurt you like no one else can, you cant live without them, you cant stand them, and it go on and on.

But after much reflection, one realises that regardless of all the ups and downs, the quality of your life depends a lot on how you choose to look at it, Contentment and appreciation are key (So much easier said than done).Once you choose to live a life where you do what gives you peace and joy and focus less on impressing others or living up to artificial societal expectations your journey towards finding inner peace and happiness has likely begun. Wouldn’t Life be so much easier if everyone around was less artificial and if people would stop painting false pictures of living a perfect life(Which I guaranty does not exist)….. Hmm wishful thinking right?

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