Edhi sb and principles of progress

“The strength of words lies in implementation otherwise they are meaningless”

while reading Edhi sb his whole story is inspirational and unique in its own way. but these lines draw my attention more. There is a saying that “action speaks louder than words” so what i believe is doing action is important only saying words again and again is nothing. Edhi sb himself was a big example of his own saying. He acted, he took continuous actions ,he never stops, he proved himself by his actions not by his words. My experience related to this saying is that I always wanted to get a higher degree but i had many barriers who stops me for achieving my goal.but i did not give up i worked hard got good grades in B.sc through which many barriers automatically get out of my way and i successfully got admission in Masters. so if i just keep saying and did not get good grades i can never ever be able to get admission for masters.

just start project: listening carefully

a) i have millions of goals and dreams which i want to achieve in my life. Not listening carefully hindered me in many ways in achievement of my goals. i could not listen people for more than ten minutes especially when they had a different point of view than me,just start arguing which ends up in nothing but a negativity and bad mood. than one fine day after argument with my elder brother i realized that i do not have enough patience to listen to the others opinions and ideas.

b)i realized that this weakness halting me badly. i did not pay attention even in the class lectures. listening is important because this way we learn a lot. i can understands the lectures better if i listen carefully. i would be a more patient person if i start listening the others opinions. if i would be a good listener i became a good communicator as well

c) The challenges which i faced was summarized beautifully in this saying

“listening is not an easy task. it requires time, patience,energy and focus”

d) The tasks i identified were or basically i start doing to control my problem was:

talk less, listen more. be an open minded person. let one person to complete his turn and than start talking. Do not interrupt while others are talking.Argue with positive mind set not with the negativity and criticism. do not think that other person is less intelligent or have little knowledge than me,everyone is unique in its own way.

e) it was at first really difficult to control your words. Several times i want to interrupt people. i want to argue with them but than i recall my plan and do not talk. infact i start listening more carefully and intentively.

f) i learned from this experience is that its really important to listen to others ,its a first step towards tolerance and patience. By this way we are giving respect to the others opinions and experiences. when we listen more, we understand and learn more. Moreover, i can understands my lectures better than before.

g) i will continue this habit because its an effective habit .i told my juniors and youngers to listen carefully before speaking and i will continually tell everyone around me to respect others and be patient and tolerant to others opinions.