10 Things to Do in Prague with Kids

Prague is a gorgeous city, laden with historic castles, churches and beautiful views. There are plenty of places where you can get a list of the basic tourist destinations. We’ve rounded up 10 things you won’t find on other lists. I am only recommending things that I did with my daughter on our five day holiday in Prague. Your kids will remember these activities for a long time!

Tip: Prague has great, inexpensive public transport by tram, bus and subway. But, if you prefer, Uber is available and we found the drivers to be kind and courteous.

  1. Build your own Lego® creations

You wouldn’t believe the things that they can make with Legos®. This museum is small, but it’s also cheap. There’s a whole area for kids to play with Legos® as long as they want, building and creating for hours. Visit their site to check schedule and pricing.

The Taj Mahal made from Legos®

2. Listen to dinosaurs roar

Visit Dino Park. This park of animatronic dinos on top of a mall is a wonder for small children, but even older kids who love dinosaurs will enjoy this visit. Before entering the park, there’s a set of instruments made with junk. It doesn’t sound fun, but my daughter spent at least 20 minutes playing they different instruments! The walk through the dinosaurs might be a short one, but there are more fun things to do inside the mall, including a 4D and 5D theater and a bowling alley.

Dino park and the recycled instrument playground

3. Hunt for a geocache

There are tons of geocaches in Prague, of all varieties. Many of the descriptions are in Czech, but we found a few in English and hunted them down after the Planetarium was a bust. I gave my daughter the phone and let her lead us to the cache. We left Azerbaijani money in the caches that were large enough. Want to know more about Geocaching? Check out their website that explains how easy it is to get started!

4. Ride the weirdest elevator ever

Pater noster elevators are continuously running conveyor-belt style elevators. I have to thank the Taste of Prague blog for bringing this strange invention to my attention! There are about six of these still running in Prague. We visited the one closest to the Old Town, in the City Hall. This is truly a hidden gem in Prague and your kids will love riding it if they (and you) aren’t totally freaked out.

Pater Noster elevator image from Wikipedia

5. See a flea holding a pair of scissors

Not far from the Prague Castle, there’s a strange little museum full of microscopic figures. It’s small, but fascinating! You’ll see carvings on mammoth bone, fleas holding scissors and figures on the legs and antenna of mosquitoes. After visiting the museum, stop next door for lunch at the monastery (see #6). For more information about the museum, visit their site.

Camels in the eye of a needle. Cars on the leg of a mosquito.

6. Visit a monastery

The Strahov Monastic Brewery is a working monastery and brewery. We didn’t see any monks, but we enjoyed the fresh beer and Czech food. The restaurant is beer garden style; don’t be afraid to ask if you can sit at the other end of a table with another couple or a single person.

7. Escape from a room

We did two escape rooms in Prague because my daughter enjoyed it so much! The first room was at the Escape Room in Prague, where we did the “Communist Czechoslovakia” challenge. It’s the most difficult challenge they had and we totally didn’t finish in 60 minutes, but we still had fun! It would definitely be easier with a larger group. Our second room was even more fun for kids since it was Harry Potter™ themed. In this Questerland challenge, you grab a wand and enter the room as a wizard student attempting to complete a series of challenges to graduate from wizarding school. The wands help to unlock the puzzles in the room and every challenge is unique and fun. If I had to choose one room, this is the one!

8. Eat at Katr

Katr was my daughter’s favorite restaurant! We went THREE times! At Katr, you can grill your own meat. Order from a selection of meats 100g at a time (200 g minimum). Selections on our night included chicken, shrimp, three different cuts of beef, lamb, pork, duck and wild boar. You can order sides a la carte. They also have a full menu if you aren’t interested in the grilling experience. Definitely call for reservations at least a day ahead on weekends and in the morning on weekdays.

9. Make puppets

Prague has a very old puppet tradition. Not far from the Old Town, the National Marionette Theater maintains its original seats and style of theater since 1922. In 1996, they began a run of two plays: Mozart’s Don Giovanni and the Magic Flute. Our package included discount tickets to the play, a private guided tour of the theater, the backstage and the museum. Finally, we got to make our own puppets with assistance from a young woman whose family still creates the puppet stages and the puppets. I’ll admit, this was by far the most expensive thing that we did in Prague, but it was totally worth it.

Puppets backstage

10. Eat street food

In the Old Town and at different spots throughout the city, you’ll see vendors typically selling alcohol (hot wine in the winter, beer year round), ham and traditional Czech desserts. If you have nut allergies, be careful of the desserts because they use lots of nutella and other nuts.

Potatoes and cabbage, Prague ham and trdelnik.

Tips for Finding Things to do in London With Kids:

  • The weekdays in Prague are a good time to tour. It’s not as crowded so it’s easy to keep track of the kids.
  • Prague has a lot of castles and churches that can be boring for kids. Balance out your sightseeing activities to be an equal mix of fun and history. Take advantage of games like Pokemon Go and Geocaching to get your kids walking and learning about the area.
  • Involve your kids in planning your day. I gave my daughter a few choices every day and she decided what we would do.
  • Buy your tram passes at an off-time (after the morning rush) so that you don’t feel pressured. There are multi-day passes and children get a discount.

Overall, we found there were a lot of things to do for families and we weren’t able to do it all in the five days that we had. We haven’t even mentioned the day trips and the food tours!

Do you have any recommendations for things to do in Prague with kids?

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