In the pre-colonial times, women where entitled to be nothing but nurturing children and as mothers, playing their roles as wives and performing domestic duties.

In another criteria, I think the whole situation which is the AWANI FILM itself generally talks about women's sufferings, women's power and also women's rights.

The fact on women's rights has still not been reconciled though. Why is that, the (opposite sex) still don't have the zeal to and has still no effect on them, the fact has still hasn't changed a single bit. Well, some men still has that thinking of animosity in them which is still the problem why women can't proceed in life or rather why women are still deprived of their rights.

Also, if to say women were enriched with their rights, things will not have been as it is now.
If women were not deprived of their rights and be independently free as rest of the citizens, at least matters will not be categorized "worse".
I think women would have lead a good example and point out a lot, but vice-versa occurred.
If society honors the fact that women are not just known for nurturing children and doing the domestic chores, right from the colonial pretext, current situation will have been better and women would have own their rights and live freely out of the pressure of unnecessary dilemma.

Also, in another aspect I think the males thinks that women are inferior of making up decisions or being the lead i.e representing the presidency or government or any high rank pertaining the country.
Another thing is that men are always protected and seen superior whereas women are seen as nothing but affliction and has no empathy or right to be protected even by the government. Also the act of molestation and violence towards girls hasn't been taken seriously, that is the number one way of young girls and women's rights been taken away.
It is so sad that we have leaders that see all sorts of violence but action hasn't been taken because those suffering are none other than "women" so action is under probability.
But the blame still goes to the girls, everything is drived back at the girls just to keep the males dignity and honor.

As of for now i will say things have started to change by gradual process meaning ; sharing our pains and sufferings, patronizing and also supporting each other by exchanging voices to not just the country but to the world in general.
It seems like some important things are forgotten, like the great Nigerian women who has set great example but still if the question rise, it is a different dilemma.

It is only if we (women) rise and face any inconvenience, act of violence towards us and prove that we are capable of what they think we can’t, prove that no matter how hard the circumstances may be we will always stand by one another.


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