When Friends change
Alize Malik

Hey, Alize Malik Awan.

Just want you to know that it’s okay. People move on, they evolve and change sometimes. Not everyone will like you. And honestly? Not everyone is worth your full attention either. Only some. Stick to the few, who have stuck with you thru the thick and thin. Take one breath in, another out, and just know that you’re awesome. So what if you felt slightly very uncomfortable with people who you were once very comfortable with. If they’re so important, I’m sure you two will talk it out because that’s how it’s done. That’s how real friendships work in the real world.

Anyway. I think you’re very beautiful. Inside out! And I’d like you to not care about what people might think of you. They wish they were you! Das how awesome you are, gal. Keep slayin’.

Cheers. ♥