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Photex/Photo Edotor

Photo editing and text adding on photos are almost as old as photography itself. Everybody wants to look beautiful and charming; due to this reason photographers have always tried to improve their photos by editing them. When photography was shot only on films, in those days edit and adding text option on photos was much limited and expensive also. Time consuming also. You always have noticed that it seems every man, women and child even everybody have desire to edit their photo and they really do this act. But now it’s the time of android phones; time when nothing is difficult or impossible. Photo editing is very easy and interesting now. By using Photex Photo editor you can easily edit your picture according to your own will in short time and even in free of cost.

My Best Photo Editor

This article is helpful for all the users who are crazy for their picture editing and adding various texts on them. You must have to unlock your creativity with photex, the free photo editor. Capture your lovable moments and make them beautiful with various combinations of free effects, backgrounds, Calligraphic fonts, Templates, number of stickers and vectors, etc. Once you have done; share all these with your friends and family on social media.

Photex, best photo editor is a simple application to add texts on photos with attractive designs and different features. If you want to be an expert in the art of design then you must try photex. It will help you for making different posts and in advertisement of business, poetry writers, Islamic posts etc.

Now a day, there is big trend of writing on photos and images in beautiful stylish fonts. Everyone is doing the same activity while competing with other friends. Photex photo editor is providing you not only various fonts and stickers but also a variety of backgrounds are available. You can easily make posts like poetry, Islamic verses, selfies and anything you want with just a simple awipe.

Dual Keyboard options

How to choose best photo editor: Photex

People who are crazy for their text photo editing, they definitely use a lot of photo editors. Sometimes they satisfy, sometime don’t. Now the Question is, How they Choose best photo editor? Which type of features they need for best photo editing? And they exactly want?

A lot of questions and a single answer…Which is they must use “Photex” best and free photo editor for android phones. Variety of attractive and user demanding features are available in Photex. Surely make your image look creative in seconds without using professional photo editors.

Photex contains a lot of different features like fonts in different languages, variety of backgrounds and templates, number of stickers, multi-language keyboards and many others. The best and unique feature of photex is that user can type urdu, Farsi and Arabic language also.

Key features of photex

ü Fonts in various languages like English, urdu, Farsi, Arabic

ü Urdu and Englsih keyboard

ü Beautiful calligraphic fonts

ü You can add multiple images/photos from phone gallery

ü A lot of attractive backgrounds

ü Amazing collection of templates

ü Number of stickers

ü Different color selection for texts and backgrounds

ü Easily add outline on text with your desire color and also give different shades to them

ü User friendly text size modification.

ü Can easily rotate text

ü Uploads your posts on Photex Store

Design your own photo on Photex:

ü Can design Quranic verses posts

ü Can design Ahadith posts

ü Can design Poetry posts

ü Can design funny posts

ü Eid greeting cards

ü Wallpapers

ü Love letters

ü Quotes of the day

ü Valentine’s day card

Photex-free photo editor is the best editor app, all the users must enjoy after using it. With a lot of attractive and use friendly features, competitive to all other photo editors. It’s about all time fun and fulfill all of your desires related to photo editing.