Are You Enough?! I wonder..

Are You Enough?! I wonder..

I have always been fascinated by sun flowers. Large, bright yellow petals somehow always cheer me up.

And how eagerly and with much anticipation it continues to track the sun across the horizon is such a unique sight. I can look for hours how beautiful those sun kissed flowers appear to be when fixated on the east..

It always feels like it craves warmth and longs for attention by nature!

Do you know that sun flowers take very long to blossom?

And as much as it appears larger in size on the outside, it has very long and deep roots on the inside. When majority of the other flowers are busy blooming rapidly and dancing merrily in the sun; sunflower is slowly absorbing the moisture from the soil through its rootstocks.

This process goes on for a good long while until the flower has absorbed enough nourishment not only to support itself but also to serve as a means of sustenance for other creatures. The sunflower now opens, is deeply nourished and attracts bees by just being itself!

Sometimes in life, we feel so isolated.

In a fast-paced. and result driven world today people talk but forget to speak, they hear but don’t listen. Small talk prevails and it’s exhausting even trying to pretend to be part of something you don’t belong to.

There are far too many opinions and too many voices around us. The idea is to not to listen to all the noise you cannot filter. Silence is so under-utilised and it requires wisdom to know when to be quiet and why it is important to be quiet.

Back then, as a college student, I was someone who almost always avoided putting her hand up to answer questions or to volunteer! hardly made friends, felt challenged speaking to a group of people, highly self conscious to get a haircut or even wearing bright colors was a big deal. Yes, perhaps I awaited people’s validation, was afraid of criticism and eventually rejection.

It’s funny how your mind plays up every possible scenario of ‘it could go wrong -so forget it!” And this feeling is an oscar-winner to suck your vitality and drains you emotionally. It works in a dramatic way..tricks you into believing that you aren’t enough.. you lack it.

Perhaps we all, at some point or the other in our lives, only learn how to handle our insecurities if not completely get rid of them.

Perhaps we all, just like those sun flowers need some time out and peace ‘n’ quiet to connect with our own roots deep within to nourish ourselves..our souls.

Zone out into a place of complete and loving honesty that aligns our ‘lacking’ self with divine awareness and helps us become ‘whole’ and ‘enough’ ..

I pondered over how can one achieve a state of satisfaction with self? Is it possible? And I realised it is..

1- Internalise that everyone is different

And give people the permission to dislike you. It’s nobody’s fault and it’s none of your business. We are all independent in thought and action.

2-Do more of what makes you happy-

from anything to even staying alone. And stay far and away from what burdens your soul. If something or someone frazzles you; give yourself enough time to reflect, process your anger and feelings and channel them into resilience. Everything in this universe is energy. Preserve yours for the right purposes..

3- As Above So Below!

Ofcouse 1 & 2 is only possible IF you connect with The One who creates and regulates everything in the universe. Verily – ‘the happiest people are those who found that Allah is enough’. Our soul comes from Allah and the heavens above and it’s only nourished & fulfilled & whole when connected with its source. Allah is Noor, Peace, Light and our souls are made of same stuff ..

Today, we all are bogged down by doing more and achieving more that the quest of more has actually created less of everything. Less time, less connection, less empathy, less nurturing.

We define happiness as a synonym of fulfilling our desires and unhappiness is exactly the opposite of it – our desires being unmet that is!!

On a spiritual plane, where the soul belongs, meaning of real happiness subtly transfuses into deep realisation of self and unlocking the following questions:

WHO are you? – WHY are you here? – HOW can you give back to the universe? – WHAT is your purpose of being?

I cannot think of any better way to nourish yourself, to be Enough for your self and Enough for those around you ..

remember you cannot give what you don’t have yourself.. invest in yourself, be like a 🌻 sunflower…

P.S. Being confined to bed is bizarre..typing away stuff is what’s keeping me sane amidst all the sickness. Please bear with me, Thankyou. 💕