-Dragons in our lives-

Do you remember the ruby-coloured dragon from the movie, Shrek? Yes, the love sick dragon with flattering and fluttering eye lashes .. how cute was that!

Let me quickly walk you through that part of the story..

Remember how Donkey and Shrek set out on a quest to bring Princess Fiona from a place far far away where she has been locked and trapped for as long as she can remember?

Shrek and his side kick arrive at the sight, more like an abandoned tall tower. While Shrek goes looking for Fiona; Donkey ends up waking a sleeping dragon accidentally, which later turns into his romantic interest and a champion in the end of the movie for consuming Farquaad as in ‘swallowing him whole’, one of the best scenes in the movie I believe!!

Don’t we all have a dragon or dragons in our lives?

In fact, we see them every day in one form or the other..

The recent heated argument you had with a friend/spouse & the roaring intimidating dragon inside your head kept adding fuel to the fire?

That was your ego dragon.

It wouldn’t let you say sorry. It would make it very hard for you to forget and forgive.

If I were to personify my imagination of him, it would look something like .. umm remember the indoor rock climbing walls? Just imagine that if the small rocks on the wall weren’t climber-friendly and safe but were sharp and pointy?

An argument with a loved one is exactly like those sharp holds. The more you use them to go higher, (in other words to win an argument) the more scrapes, blisters, gashes it leaves on your hands!

So this dragon I speak of, looks like the wall I just described.

But there ain’t just one dragon, there are countless.

Each with a unique face and personality.

Some dragons will appear as a financial difficulty, often times a challenging relationship and also some kind of health related hardship.

But irrespective of their origin, all dragons have something in common.

They demand attention.

They’ll show up in most scary forms and shapes and the more you try to ignore them, the angrier they’ll become.

Your weapon against them is one simple CHOICE.

How will you react? AND What’s your next thought going to be in any situation?

Retaliate? Resist?

they can easily over power you!


They can overtake in a heart beat.

What can you do then?

  • Understand them.
  • Drop your defence.
  • Listen intently.

Once they have your attention, they’ll be uncharacteristically polite and tamed.

We don’t have to “slay the dragon” as they say..
Maybe it’s time you befriended them for who knows what they are trying to communicate is *exactly* what you need to learn in your life.