My Photography journey.

I don’t procrastinate often and I don’t know why I keep putting off starting this but this feels like a right time. It’s about a year since I got my camera and it feels like a good time to actually journal my photography journey.

I started taking my photography abilities a little serious when I changed my phone in September 2017. I got an iPhone 6s and the quality of my photos shot up! I kept taking photos of everything, the sky, flowers, buildings, streets, just anything that caught my fancy. Although for some reason, I didn’t feel like I could call myself a photographer, I felt like an imposter because I felt like all I took photos of were random things and I generally just didn’t feel good enough. You can view these first images on my vsco.

I really wanted to know more about photography so I was reading different things about composition, basic photography principles, operation of cameras but I felt like my interest in the articles dwindled at some point because I couldn’t implement my knowledge due to not having a camera to practice with. Then, I got in for a Canon basic DSLR class in January 2018 and that was an opportunity to try out things I had learnt and learn more things! Shout out to Leke Alabi-Isama, he was the facilitator and he was really amazing! He explained things I already knew better and I learnt a lot of new things. It was also my first time using a DSLR and it was an all round amazing experience.

I kept taking photos of random things I liked with my phone but the first time I tried a proper portrait session was in May, 2018 for my friend’s birthday. That started my experimenting with shooting portraits of people. I’m really grateful to all my friends that supported me by being my subjects and just pushing me to keep shooting!

Finally, I got my DSLR in August 2018 but September dealt me a blow, my phone got stolen and it really broke me. I didn’t back up most of my images (rookie mistake, I know) and it hurts that I’ve lost them forever. I also had an emotional attachment to the phone because it made me realize all I could be with photography and it was my first actual serious photography tool. Thankfully, I sent some of them to people and I posted them on my vsco account so I can still access them.

Along the way, I picked up Product photography. I had been doing a bit of it already for my friends and my business but I decided to actually take it serious and see where I could go with it. My product photography journey deserves another post entirely 😂 but you can check out my work here.

I also started a thing called Structures of Lagos where I take photos of Structures in Lagos with my phone. It’s my way of channeling my love for architecture into photography and curating the architecture in Lagos.

Well, since I got the camera till now, it has been an amazing journey of experimenting with making images and growing. I’ve enjoyed all my firsts since then, from coordinating my shoots with a backdrop and improvising to getting a new prime lens to getting a backdrop stand, having a fashion shoot, getting paid for my work and even getting a speedlight!

I think the most important thing that has stuck out for me in my journey is not letting the lack of gear stop me from creating. I was shooting portraits with my phone when I didn’t have a DSLR, when I had to shoot with a backdrop and I didn’t have a backdrop stand, I found a way to tie the backdrop to something just to achieve the shot. I hope I never lose sight of this and keep finding a way to bring my ideas to life even when I don’t fully have everything I need to implement my ideas.

I’ve enjoyed this amazing journey every step of the way and I look forward to growing and evolving.

In case you don’t already know, my name is Ifeoluwa and I’m a photographer. I like to make images of people, buildings and products. This is my photography journey and subsequently, I’ll be sharing things I get up to with photography, my process and maybe a few rants here and there!

Basically, this is my photography journal and you can keep up with my work here !

Art lover and Photographer.

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