Achieving My Goal

My goal was to learn Android Language, make applications in Android Studio and design them according to my needs.

I wanted to achieve this goal because being a Computer Science graduate I always wanted to convert my skills of programming into something useful, and as Android is the most common platform to share applications, I wanted to learn it and use it to develop Apps.

The major challenge I received was from my University CS department, as they were not offering Android as a course. Secondly the workshops being held in different universities to teach Android were very costly and were very far away from my residence.

I identified the 3 tasks to achieve my goal:
Task 1: Find a website offering MOOCs from valued organizations which are free and authentic.
Task 2: Find the related Android course for beginners and Enroll in it.
Task 3: Complete the course in 3 to 4 days. (As I already know Java).

I always find programming interesting because I can see the output of my hard work. But the first day of learning online was hectic because I had to sit in front of my laptop for 8 to 9 hours continuously.
Installing Android studio was another challenge, it took 1 hour to install completely along with all the SDK’s. 
But in the end I was able to create a small coffee ordering app, and my eyes shone with happiness when it worked without any errors for the final time.

I learned from this experience that self learning is extremely important now a days. You are no more dependent on any one to teach you, and after putting your best, the end result will amaze you.

The next step of my goal will be to make a language translation app for an endangered language in South California to help those people to remain in touch with their language.

My First Working Android App.