In Person Resume Drop Experience

I chose the Software house Technology Wisdom to drop my CV and give my elevator pitch a try. It is located in Kareem Block, Allama Iqbal town a rapidly growing software house, giving opportunities to fresh graduates.
I researched this company through their website and it turns out that there is no HR department, there are few founders and a group of people who develop softwares of high quality.

I customized my cover letter according to the type of jobs and products they are offering, and got the name of their CEO, who also act as the hiring manager in that company.
I went there on Tuesday morning, and to my luck there was no security guard. I just went in and ask the first person I met that where could I find Mr. Faisal, their CEO. He told me to wait a little because he is working on a project right now. I waited 15 minutes and then I was called in a small cubicle for the interview.

Right after saying my greetings I spilled out my elevator pitch, and I was shocked by the question he asked next.
How many times have you practiced your lines before coming here?
I was embarrassed but I cope up by saying that Sir I wanted to show my passion about your company. He smiled a bit and studied my resume and cover letter.

No doubt he was really impressed by my documents and he instantly offered me a job on probation period, I was really excited but there was a problem.
I didn’t get there to really get a job, I was there just to practice and cope up with my nervousness during the interview.
I told him that I will take it, and took his email ID to write a follow up email.
Now when he has personally called me and asked me to join it, I am unable to refuse him.

I have learned from the experience that I need to practice my elevator pitch more and I need to learn to refuse people.

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