4 Largest Four Wheeler Tyre Manufacturers in India

In recent years, leaving behind some minor hiccups, the Indian automobile industry has witnessed an all-inclusive growth. An with the broadening of the automobile sector, the tyre manufacturing industry has also been benefited.

Over the years, it has been observed that the four-wheeler tyre segment has seen a tremendous growth but bolt from the blue has been the consumption of high-performance motorcycle tyres and for which every tyre brand is pitching its best bet. The grand brand promotion of every tyre company has actually confused the buyers that which tyre manufacturer is best to consider and what type of four-wheeler tyres they should buy for their vehicle.

So if you are one in search of the tyre manufacturers that offer budget friendly car tyres then you must consider this list of top car tyre manufacturers in India.

1. MRF Tyres

MRF is one of the largest car tyre manufacturers in India that provides you widest range of car tyres designed with several different tread designs to make your ride more secure and comfortable on rough roads. It was established in 1946, has supplied high-quality radials like few other have ever managed. The company specializes in passenger car radials, but also provides radials for bikes, trucks, buses, tractors and off the road vehicles.

2. Falken Tyres

Falken Tyres is a prominent radial manufacturer based in Kobe, Japan. The company was founded in 1983, and today it is one of the most leading company in tyre brands in the globe. It has distributors based all over the united states and utilizes professional motorsports to further enhance and improve its products for worldwide distribution.

3. Apollo

Apollo is far more than just an acclaimed car tyre brand in India. It is the 17th largest tyre manufacturers in the entire world. It is based in Gurgaon and provides the superior range of tyre for bikes, cars, and host of another commercial vehicle.

4. JK Tyres

It’s a Delhi based car tyre manufacturers who offers you entire range of 4-wheeler radials for buses, trucks and cars. It has a worldwide presence, commanding respect in over 80 countries.