5 Useful Tips to Maintain Your Car Tyres

Almost every car owner expresses a great concern for the maintenance of their car tyres. But there are some who act with negligence when it comes to taking their right care as well as maintenance.

Here are five useful tips you should take into account if you want to maintain a proper condition of tyres:

1.Maintain Proper Tyre Pressure

Make sure the pressure in tyres is proper as it will assure you road safety. Know that under-inflated tyres can overheat easily leading to premature failure. On the other hand, an over-inflated car tyres will lead to unwanted, poor handling of the vehicle on the road and soon they will suffer wear.

You should make note that inaccurately inflated car tyres doing heavy duty can suffer considerably from uneven roads as well as bumps. This is because it takes more power for maintaining the same speed as a car with tyres inflated in a proper manner.

2.Consider Repair and Replacement

Are you in any doubt to the roadworthiness of your car tyres? Then taking them to an expert will be the right thing to do. These experts can check the tyre’s internal condition and external as well. They will comply with all the right procedures for disassembling, repairing and re-assembling.

3.Check Tyre Wear and Depth

Of course, your safety as well as mobility depend on a fine level of tread depth for few reasons. Tyre tread plays an essential role because it helps remove water between the tyre and road, thus making sure that the car remains under your control.

It’s a known fact that car tyres suffer wear and tear with time and constant use, and it can be increased by uneven surfaces on the road.

4.Fit a New Tyre to the Rear Axle

Unlike the front wheels of your car, the rear wheels aren’t connected to the steering wheel. So, you may not be able to judge the grip of the rear wheel while driving. If at all you want to change a your car tyre, do so with a rear one. Don’t forget that the rear wheels are the least worn, as it assures you better control if you have to apply brakes all of a sudden or turn right.

For front and rear wheel drive cars, the rear tyres are the ones that provide form road holding in a complicated situation.

5.Ensure Proper Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment prevents your car tyres from uneven and quick wear, provides better road handling and not to mention, saves fuel. You may not be able to tell if the wheels and axles are aligned properly while you’re driving.

Has your car tyre hits a bump or a pothole? Or, have you noticed irregular wear on them? Don’t let time slip you by and take your vehicle to the expert mechanic to get car tyres inspected completely.

Keeping car tyres in a good condition is an important aspect of car maintenance. You should know that it is both unlawful and unsafe to drive with unreliable car tyres.