Some Important Points to Consider When Buying New Tyres

We cannot emphasize enough on the fact that tyres play one of the most essential roles in the smooth running of the vehicle. But you may agree that they are often ignored until the time they begin showing signs of aging.

The tyres of your car will definitely need replacement periodically, and depending on the kind of vehicle you drive this replacement schedule can be between 40,000 km to 70,000 km. When it’s time to buy a new tyre for Mahindra Scorpio, there are some important points to consider when you choose a new tyre for your valuable vehicle.

POINT #1 — Life of a Car Tyre

The fact cannot be held for denial that the life of a car tyre varies with the size and type of vehicle. Know that tyres used in small hatchbacks have an average life of about 40,000 km, but there are some that even touch 50,000 km. If you have an SUV, say Mahindra Scorpio, the new tyres for this SUV giving impeccable driving experience can go about 60,000 km.

It’s true that life of any car tyre also depends on the compound that’s used — soft tyres have a great grip, but they don’t last long. Those tyres that seem to be hard have a long life, but may lack a fine grip.

But these figures can take a drastic turn which largely on driving conditions and vehicle maintenance. Driving on uneven roads can reduce the life of a car tyre by almost 50%.

POINT #2 — Tread Pattern

Various kinds of tyres are available on the market for different driving applications. All car types have speed limits as well as road limits. These limits can be found on sidewall markings. There’s also a variation in tread pattern.

Unidirectional tyres only have the tread pattern in a single direction and they cannot be swapped to the vehicle’s opposite side during wheel rotation. Tyres exclusively manufactured for all-terrain have a deep and wide tread pattern for SUVs so that they are able to handle tough road conditions.

POINT #3 — Tubeless or Tube Type

Most cars come equipped with tubeless tyres and they provide a vehicle owner great benefits over tube-type tyres. You must go for a tubeless tyre for Mahindra Scorpio to make your vehicle run well on smooth and tough roads. A tubeless tyre will not lose air faster in a puncture when compared to a tube-type tyre. These tyres are long-lasting.

Extensive wear and tear due to years of use and with time tyres lose their life. These tyres help you drive the way you want i.e. smooth and effective driving. Therefore, it’s necessary for you that you choose the right kind for your vehicle be it a sedan, a saloon or an SUV.