Mentoring is a brain to pick

It is really important for everyone to have “Impactfull” mentors in personal and professional life as a great mentor could prove to be a great voice of experience for different situations of life. John C. Crosby, a famous politician once said:

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction.

Looking at this perspective, I never had any dedicated mentor before as this trend is not so very common in Pakistan. Although previously i do had a few people I can call them “like mentors” but I never had anyone specific to I called a mentor or to be my mentor.

Calling someone to be my mentor was truly a new experience for me.This week i had a chance to meet someone I would like to call him my mentor. Sir Dr. Muhammad Naveed is an Assistant professor in the faculty of soil sciences. He is such a cooperative and dedicated professor in the faculty and i always wanted to learn from him.

Before meeting my mentor i asked my fellows who consider Dr. Naveed as their mentor and they also wanted to discuss and meet him. We planned a group meeting and wrote him an E.mail and asked him for a few free minutes. He allowed us to meet him on Friday. We discussed with him a plenty of questions and spent a quality time with our mentor.

Before this meet up we wrote some questions that we all want to know the answers but rarely find someone to discuss with as this was our opportunity to know the answers. The way he answered our questions was quite inspiring. Here is what we asked and how he answered the questions.

Q: Do you believe in mentor ship? Do you have any mentors ?
Ans: Yes I do have mentors and just like you I believe in mentor ship because the way an experienced person can guide you no one else can. Throughout my life I have followed my mentors and asked for their guidance whenever I need and at this stage of my career I go to my mentor, discuss with them my problems and the best part of this discussion is at the end when you come up with lots of solutions for a problem. So in my opinion yes mentoring is necessary.

Q: what can we do to reduce the communication gap between a teacher and a student?
Ans: He said that many times a student want to work with his/her favorite teacher but they do not focus on developing an effective communication strategy or many times a teacher do not find enough time to focus on all the students. In this case it all depends upon the student if they are interested then they will find ways to connect to their teacher either by developing good connections with other members of faculty as teachers discuss about students progress.

Q: Do you think internship is important before pursuing a higher degree?
Ans: Yes. Internship is extremely important because it gives you the practical experience of your degree. Many times we just get theoretical knowledge of subject. In this case internship will help you to better know and identify your interests so you can choose your field that matches your interests.

Q: Were you able to achieve all your goals in 5–10 years?
Ans: According to him your goals never remains the same as they were 5–10 years ago. When you achieve a certain goal you get to know certain new things or your perspective of that goals never remains the same. New needs and new aims arise at certain points when you successfully achieve some of your goals. But one thing really important is that you must realize your basic needs and work on them and achieve them in specific time.

Q: How can we relate our life purpose with our profession?
Ans: What you have leaned try to provide some benefit to others out of that. Here he coated his example of helping farmers by providing with new manure that he discovered with the help of his students. He said that we provide benefit to others by just starting at small scale.

Q: Is there anything you would like you advise us ?
Ans: He said, enjoy everything in your life each minor and major happiness of your life but remember one thing whatever you are doing just love doing that. You must know each and everything about your subject so whenever someone asks you anything you might be able to answer that. Another important thing is if you want to achieve something in your life then go and get it. Never wait for anything or never let anyone to make you fail at your dreams.

Before all this i wasn’t really sure about how this meeting is going to be but after this we felt really moved. We discussed how fruitful this meeting proved to us. We realized the importance of mentor in our life and also how discussions can make you to know the answers of questions never addressed to anyone before. Now I wonder how people can help us in all fields of our life.

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