Recently I have been fortunate enough to read a book by Dale Carnegie titled “How to win Friends and Influence People”. The book was so fabulous and thought provoking that it became very hard to stop reading until the last page. Writer of the book in a very simple manner provides the insight of this extremely useful technique “how to win the hearts of others” that doesn’t seems to be a simple task to everyone. The book has significantly influenced my mind and made it easier for me to interact with people. After reading the book I entirely agree with what Dale Carnegie says:

“Dale Carnegie”


Challenges always bring some interesting facts with them and overcoming them is what makes them meaningful. It is almost impossible to imagine a girl merely talking about herself and just listening more and more to others. But, yes it was the challenge in fact the “#super challenge”. The task was to remain nearly quiet for a day and just listening more from others by asking them different questions. Though it wasn’t an extremely difficult task but obviously not an easy going one.

How I Found the Challenge

We all are habituated to meet and formally talk to others on daily basis. Instead of following my routine habits in the morning, when I started asking others the questions unlike the daily routine questions I came up with weird and really strange feelings. Right at that time I got the idea of how the day is going be. Although I found the challenge very strange in the beginning but in the end I was able to solve the mystery behind this thoughtful activity.

What I asked others

Besides the typical questions I asked many other questions like how they are feeling, what did they learned today, what will they do when they are home, asked about their favorite movies and many other things. Many times it was like what else I can ask and many time it was difficult to listen the unwanted stories without even giving suggestions and talking about myself.

What I learned from the challenge

The consequences of the challenge are really fruitful to me. I can definitely make a list of what I gained from challenge.

§ How questioning make us to know more about people

At some points during the day it became really difficult to ask more questions. It was like suffering from shortage of questions. Coming up with this situation I learned how to make questions and how to turn the conversation to make it more interesting instead of ending it at some boring points. The interesting fact I found was when we ask more we become a step closer to the person and we can know more about them.

§ How people suddenly become nice and friendly in just a while

Probably exploring more creates an air of satisfaction between two persons and when we ensure people that we are genuinely interested in listening to them, they sprisingly become friendly and start discussion in a friendly manner.

§ How to care about people and make new friends

By showing our genuine interest we can make people to let us know their problems and help them in finding the solutions. Surely it gave me the idea of making new friends. People love to be listened and by just listening we can solve their problems, we can help them and we can make good relations with them.

So the secret of being interested was actually very interesting and what I gained from this activity is a life time tactic. I will manipulate this tactic in my life whenever I needed.