Soul showers not crocodile tears.

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Crying is my least favourite things to do but I do it a lot regardless. This is because I am human and I sometimes get tired, sometimes I get really sad, sometimes I can’t hold it together anymore. Crying makes me believe I’m week but what it really does is make me stronger. It reminds me that I am a person with feelings, a girl who knows pain, a student with a fair share of failure, a writer who has gone days and weeks staring at a blank paper and a drying ink, an imperfect daughter, friend, lover, and sister. Crying reminds me of humanity.

It’s alright to cry every once in a while, it doesn’t mean giving up , it’s only a representation of the pain in holding on. Crying also knows no gender.

Your feelings are allowed to feel too.

Cry by Mimi Yoon***