If you read one article about thoughts that get nowhere, read this one .

I went to this temple last day. Its an old temple, with a fort and a jail along with it. I had to stay in the temple for some time as there was pooja taking place.

Now I’m that person in a temple who would not actually concentrate in praying or atleast look at the ceremony. Instead I would gaze at things like the structure of the temple or the people’s faces or the kid screaming or an insect or just anything that catches my eye.

The temple I visited had paintings of the murthi hung on the walls. Examining the details of each one of them I wanted to make one and give as well. It’s been years since I wanted to make one but not committed to one yet.

My sister standing next to me was biting my ears asking me to take photos of the temple, singing her favorite song, asking 100 doubts.

As I said, the temple is inside a fort and has a jail along with it, I saw few prisoners escorted by two or more police men walking in and out of entrance. One man stared at me. His eyes looked cold. Maybe because I have preconceptions about prisoners. If it was someone else in my place, they wouldn’t have felt so.

I heard a lawyer come out and say ‘ All we can really do now is hope that we win. Rest lies in his hands’ (gesturing towards the murthi). This was one part of life I saw there. The big, responsible lot.

Another I saw was an irresponsible one. He put his tiny feet into his mother’s slippers and was dragging it. Mother came with a smile asking ‘Don’t small things catch your eye? You really want big slippers like mine?’.

She helped his wear his shoes and he ran happy. He saw a puddle of water and stopped there, stared at it for some time and waited for his mother to come so that he could cross that puddle which by his gesture seemed to him as a pond.

Isn’t it crazy that such an innocent kid could turn into potentially anything in the future.

I would love to go back to those days some time but thinking about the stupidest that my mother said I had done, I don’t think I really want to.

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