How many times have you been into a situation where your brain is at war with your heart? It’s confusing and tiring, isn’t it? When we are having a bad day or when we get hurt, there is a constant battle between what we know and what we feel. So how do we strike a balance? How do we find peace within our souls? Let’s try to figure out via a simple game.

Recently I played a game called Mirror Moves. It is one of the best Brain Puzzle games with multiple brain-busting handcrafted levels. Two bugs follow the same command. But here’s the catch — both the bugs are a reflection of each other. They move in a different direction with the same command and they jump in different directions. Each bug has a target block that it has to hit by just three commands — Left, Right, and Jump. It is not easy. With every level, the target pattern changes. Consider the following image

Both the bugs will follow different target but you have to give them the same command. So when you tap right, each of the bugs moves to their respective right direction. Just like any other game, your difficulty increases with each bug having different target positions. The creativity of the game developer is highly commendable. What I liked about the game is that it has an amazing UI design and it is a user-friendly game.

While playing Mirror moves, I realized a couple of things. The game will help kids to learn the concept of coordination by managing two bugs movements. But there is something more important lesson to learn here. Just like the bugs, if you give a command to your heart and your brain, they both want to follow their desires but sometimes the desires are opposite to one another. For example — Chris is working for a very reputable firm that pays him a lot. But the job is tiring. His real passion is a professional photography and traveling. His brain wants to think about his financial condition but his heart wants him to pursue his desires.

‘Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness, and through awareness, we can grow.’ — Koi Fresco

The lesson is how to strike a balance between your heart and mind when you are facing hardships. It is a battle of IQ and EQ or let’s say what you know and what your heart feels. To achieve peace, we have to satisfy both, our brain and our heart. It is complicated but there is a way we can do it. What I learned from Mirror Moves is to have a balance in life. We need to strike the right balance between our Intelligence quotient and emotional quotient. It does not come automatically. We need to sit down and jot down the conflict we are having. We need to break the problem into segments. We need to determine what is causing those conflicts by asking ourselves “Why are my heart and my mind in conflict with one another? What is the cause?”. Next, we need to find out how the conflict can be resolved and find solutions to it in such a way that both of them are satisfied.

In life, no matter what we do, we need to have a balanced perspective on decision making. We need not be too opposing or way too supportive of any belief that we perceive. It’s crucial to lead a balanced life to be successful. This is a way forward to resolve so many conflicts in our lives. This shall come with experience. So let’s be positive. Let’s listen to our hearts and mind. Let’s strike a deal between them.

Kudos to the game Mirror Moves for such an amazing lesson. Games can also help us in changing our views towards life!