There are many reasons why I love this book. Firstly, I always wanted to read Paulo Coelho’s work from my early age; secondly, his way of writing the simple things are the most interesting part.

I don’t want to share the whole story only because I want all of you to explore the book by yourself. It’s damn worthy! .

But I like to share some of the general thoughts which is the eye-opener for me.Here you go!

We dream often. But some dreams never allow us to sleep again, instead it makes a way for new life. Only one life and so live for what your heart says. Go for it, take any kind of risks to achieve it. Once you tend to achieve, the whole world helps you unintentionally.

Be positive and don’t lose hope. Finally, every dream you have got has some inner values and you have to find out what it is to become successful that ultimately leads to the happiness. Who hates treasure? Live as if you have got treasure. Life is a treasure! it’s ok when you have bad experience. One life! Enjoy it! No regrets!


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Life is short, but not your words, write and let the world know who you are!