We have those power through days and then the…

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On some days we can execute per the plan. On other days, we don’t get to rely on our willpower like that.

So, how can we still get things done?

  1. Do anything. Any action is better than none, so to get started is the best step forward. This can be as simple as reading one page of an assignment, cleaning your room or doing the dishes. As we learn from physics, momentum keeps things going. Once the momentum has been triggered, there is less friction in doing more.

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It’s been a good few months of a new chapter in my life.

Medical school has accelerated my maturation process like nothing else I’ve experienced thus far. In all honesty, its all still a blur, but I’m starting to see better as I wipe my fogged view of what’s facing me. As I reflect on just these past few months, there are already some things that I could have done better. Indeed, we are meant to grow as individuals, always seeking a higher horizon than before. Yet, I’m hyperaware of the concept that I need to appreciate this process and ordered chaos while its still here. At this point in time, most of all, I’m grateful. …

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Photo courtesy of Jordan Donaldson — Unsplash

Set to start medical school this summer, I am brimming with a mix of emotions.

I feel excited about the prospects of a fresh start. I am thrilled to experience the rush of the learning curve. I am certainly thankful for the opportunity to serve; to be on the giving end.

However, I know that the road ahead is going to be speckled with bumps and multiple draining moments. I feel anxious about growing pains. I am going to step away from the familiar. …

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Your inherent value does not depend on what has not happened yet.

It relies on what you already bring to the table.

In the process of growing and pushing yourself to rise, it might be wise to own who you are in this moment. At some point in life, who you are now was who you wanted to become. So, this article here is my gentle nudge for you to give in to the beauty of what is now, for you may miss the cursory glory of the prize you once eyed.

I have felt this yearning for time to transition: from high school to college, college to work, work to better work…it is a never-ending list of goals to achieve. This is because people tend to seek the path that makes them grow as an individual. Growth is the side effect of pushing boundaries and learning to navigate through challenges. More often, such accomplishments are made possible by your discipline to do what is needed for the sought outcome. So, yes, we naturally take pride in pursuing this state of being goal-driven since it shows society that we are a focused and successful person. Now, in the format of how our world rewards performance, I won’t deny that being goal-oriented is necessary to do well. But just take this moment to think about what got you here? what brought you to be this person that you are? The healing nature of self-reflection is inexplicable, and can only be felt on a personal level. I urge you to let that healing happen. If you need a motivator for that, I have something that always works for me. Step outside and just look up at the vast night sky, sprinkled with stars. Let it consume you in its colossal lack of restriction. …

But, here we go…

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Image Source: Resolute Woman Tumblr http://resolutewoman.tumblr.com/post/163078858819

The purity of a smile that has struggled through tears is something remarkable that I still get mesmerized by every time I see it. Eyes that twinkle and radiate energy when people speak of ideas that they are passionate about — that’s real. A hug that just lingers a tad bit longer, letting you feel the caring warmth of the person is another gem in this mix.

I love it when you laugh so hard that I can see your crinkling wrinkles. The times when you open up about how you don’t know everything and you have flaws. The moment when you wake up, squinting your eyes, in a blur about space and time. Likewise, the unsuspecting morning yawn that interrupts you mid-sentence makes me smile a little. The tears that well up in your eyes, but never make it down in your hopes of being strong. …

Cheers to the pursuit of you, and your value.

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I modified the the original picture from http://soloonstudio.tumblr.com/post/135492787271 using a heart illustration in Canva.

A Teacher, as I opine, is someone who knows their craft well enough to make it transferrable. A Master, as an extension, is someone who can create the basics, scratch them, refurbish concepts and inspire others in their field of expertise. Masters are those who can exert an unparalleled influence on their industry with the trust they reap from their expertise.

From my time span as a student, I’ve taken some time to imbibe the surroundings — noticing how problems get maneuvered and pondering about how some people become masters at their craft. In college, I had the good fortune of meeting with experts— a professor who had re-enacted the first flight across the United States, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, a Popular Science TV host, the inventor of carbon nanotube p-n junction diodes, and many more. …

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Poem by Lang Leav from The Universe of Us. Edited by me.

A personal narrative on how I embrace my grandmother’s life to face the world.

The year is 2011.

I stared blankly, aimlessly at the wall at my study desk as I put down the phone. Tears refused to leave my eyes as they gathered up quickly, blurring my vision. I shut my eyes and helped the tears flow down my cheeks.

My mother entered my room with a slight tinge of discomfort. She sensed that something was wrong. She tapped my right shoulder a few times before I acknowledged her presence in my room. I was in a daze.

How could this be real?

Words choked up in my throat as soon as they formed and I voluntarily gulped them down. I knew that the news was not going to break my mother’s heart; it was going to suffocate it. Breaking is just too fast and too simple. Suffocation is slow; it is painful. I knew that was exactly how she was going to feel. …

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Source: Clementine Creative

Something I’ve learned about learning Science

To me, Science is a world where logical magic happens.

There is that eye-opening moment of realization where everything clicks into place and you understand it. You feel a warm bliss, almost a hug from the universe that resides in you, when you figure things out in a scientific problem.

But, many of us let that joy of figuring things out diffuse away as the going gets harder. The packed semester, the piling project work, the long homework assignments and those exams…there are countless ways to sweep the big picture of learning under the carpet of schedules and deadlines. Admittedly, I’ve faced the same challenge of seeing the line between just bluntly imbibing information and actually comprehending concepts. Often, this is apparent in subjects like organic chemistry, where it is easy to fall between the crevices when we don’t keep up with the practice. …

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How are you? | Good, you?

In this day and age, exchanging mere pleasantries is, perhaps, the path of least resistance, but is it the most rewarding one?

Consider this. You run into the same group of people everyday — while at work, at school, in the elevator, on your bus ride back home, on your walk to the parking lot, on your weekly grocery stop or even your own friends! Do you know these people? Do they know you?

Observing how people around me interact with each other, I often catch myself wondering about our daily social interactions these days... Admittedly, there is a pervasive social vacuum that isolates us from being present—we are surrounded by people all the time, yet we are alone in our own private space-time bubble. …

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Your Dreams are Out of Reach and You’re Terrified.

  1. Visualize that beast. Visualize your future, successful, self. Visualize THAT moment. See, hear, smell, taste, and touch that wonderful dream of yours, with your eyes closed. Let the power of the outcome spur your senses. Try it. It doesn’t cost you anything and it’s totally worth the adrenaline.



Medical Student. Grateful for where I’m at, excited for where I’m going 📸 Grow through what you go through is my mission statement. Welcome to my page!

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