16 Things that Women love on Men!!

Today we are going over 16 things that women love on men. Well, you boys will find lots of blogs and videos done by men talking about what we women love….So I thought why not just hear it straight from the source? So, here I am with my blog that will give you an idea as to what are the top 16 things that we girls LOVE to see on you boys. So, lets get started!

Well fitted tailored suit

The NO-1 on the list, totally. We love guys in a well fitted suit. This is basically like a laundry for us women. When we see a guy in a well fitted suit its just soooo sexy. No matter what color you go for classic or bold colors. Go for a well fitted suit, always!

Well fitted t-shirt

This we really love!! This is regardless your age and body type, yes. A nice fitted T-shirt. Sometimes the simplest item is what we women really get attracted to.

Dark washed well fitted pair of jeans

With the well fitted T-shirt we women would love to see you guys in a pair of dark washed jeans. Like this is really sexy! A well fitted T-shirt and a pair of nice dark fitted jeans is all you need.

Sport Coat

A great fitting sport coat is kick-ass. When you feel the suit is a little way too over board. Then this is what you need. This can be worn from work to hanging out with friends after work. Trust me you’ll look hot. This is best during the winter season where the coat will make you feel warm and make you look super hot.

Casual Jacket

This is a must! You should, should, should have one. Go for a leather jacket which is always sexy to wear. Invest in a good quality leather jacket in color black or dark chocolate. Also, you can go for a wool or a warmer cotton jacket and look HAWT!

Crisp white dressy shirt

OH YA!! A white crisp dress shirt!! Women love this. You can like always go ahead and role up your sleeves. That is just soooo sexy and simple, love it.

Crew neck sweater

Hell ya! Crew neck sweaters in color camel, grey and charcoal is too hot to handle. Simply go ahead and pair it up with a dark pair of jeans. And, you are set to put the place on fire.

V-neck sweaters

This is another hot stuff! A super cool V-neck sweater paired up with a collar shirt is just sooo sexy!! You can wear this to work as well as when you are out with friends. When at work pair it up with chinos and when out with friends go ahead and pair it up with jeans. Always wear this with a collared shirt and not a t-shirt. And, if you want to wear a t-shirt then go ahead with a crew neck sweater instead.

Lace up dress shoe

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is the most classiest thing we women love! A good shinny dressy shoe is so crazy! Best to wear it with a suit! This will complete your suit and help you be 10 on 10.

Casual lace up shoe

These are so rugged and masculine. And, we women just love it! They totally make the whole casual outfit of yours so different and sexy!

Dressy watch

A must! Please, please, invest in a good and a classy watch. This could be in a belt style or a metallic one. They are expensive but they talk more than you know. A good quality and branded watch can pull up your standards pretty high. While you wear a bad watch with a good outfit, no no! This really is a TURN OFF!

Tie bar

This is a very tiny but super attractive thing that we women feel. Yes, a tie bar! This just takes your look to a different and a super hot level. There are soooo many designs and patterns in these. Its just awesome. This little piece of metal can really make a huge difference.

Long ethnic kurta

Let’s talk about a little about the roots. A perfectly fitted knee long kurta is just too beautiful. Traditional yet so smart. Like how you guys find girls gorgeous is a saree same way we love men in knee length kurta. Go for bold and pattern kurta and not always with the regular black and whites. Experiment with colors and patterns, its exciting.

Short kurta

Being on the same topic we women also find it very attractive when one is wearing short kurta with 3/4th sleeves which is sexy as it is but when sleeves folded or pulled up, too hot to handle.

Good fitted Sherwani

As Indian’s we have sooo many different occasions that we can dress up for. Own a awesome fitted sherwani with bold colors and patterns and stand out. We just love it when men are completely traditionally dressed. Also, don’t always go for a churidar style also experiment with dhoti style.


Talking about the whole traditional look how can we miss out on the footwear? Well, yes the ethic styled footwear is always a plus point and is super sexy! Please do not pair up your kurta and sherwani with horrible and sad looking flip-flop and chappals. It is such a bad idea and such a horrible turn off.

So these are the 16 things that we Women love on Men. For further details on what are the right kind of styles that will suit your personal attributes please download the app “ZODIVA” and get styled by Image Experts.

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