Clothing for Inverted Triangle Body Shape!

OOPS!! Got wider shoulder and not happy with it? And, have narrow waist and hips? Here is how you can make it look good.

Inverted Triangle Body

One with this body shape has wide shoulders compared to the wait and hip. They do not fall in the same line. Inverted Triangle body shape is the vise versa of Triangle body shape.Triangle body shape has a wide hip line and narrow shoulder in Inverted Triangle the shoulders are wide and the hip is narrow. Well, if you have a Inverted Triangle Body Shape here are a few tips on how you can make your body shape look Ideal!

Flaunt with Casuals!!

Keep wondering and breaking your head thinking what to wear everyday? Well you don’t have to anymore, NO MORE! Here are what exactly you should have in your mind to make that inverted triangle body look amazing and attractive.

The Do’s…

· A dress person? Wear a dress that is flared. So that the attention goes to your hip area.

· Wear “Peplum” tops. This will give shape and volume to your hip/waist.

· You can also wear tops that are loose at the waist to give some volume.

· Wear flared pants and skirts.

· Go for tops or dresses with “V” and “U” neckline.

· Go with full sleeves or three fourth sleeves.

· You can also wear balloon pants. It will give volume to your lower body.

Wear these styles

The Don’ts…

· Do not wear boat neckline and wide scoop neckline. This will make your shoulders look wider.

· Do not wear straight cut pants and pencil cut.

· Do not wear tops that are too fitted at the waist. Keep it loose fitted at the waist.

· Do not wear short sleeves. This will make your shoulders look wide.

· Off shoulder tops will also make you look wide at the shoulders.

· Avoid wearing high neck as you have heavy bust area wearing high neck tops will add on weight to your bust area.

Avoid these styles

Let’s party!!!

Are you party animal? But, always end up thinking how to look sexy for a party with your body shape? Don’t worry! We bring you your easy solutions. Just follow these simple tips and get ready to party.

The Don’ts…

· Wear a dress that has a V neck.

· Wear garments with less detailing around the neckline and bust area.

· Wear small prints.

· Wear a flared dress.

Wear these styles

The Don’ts…

· Do not wear a dress with too much detailing on the neck area.

· Do not go for halter dresses. It will make your shoulders look wider.

· Don’t wear body hugging dresses.

Avoid these styles

OMG! Office.

Wonder how to look attractive at work? It’s time for some changes! Here are some ideas on how you can make your inverted triangle body look amazing yet look appropriate for work.

The Do’s…

· Wear shirts with vertical lines.

· Wear flared pants/trousers.

· Wear flared skirt or skirt that has horizontal lines.

· Wear dress with small prints.

· Wear shrugs with flared cut at the waist.

Wear these styles

The Don’ts…

· Do not wear a shirt with horizontal lines. That will make you look wider.

· Don’t wear skirts with vertical line. It will make your legs more leaner.

· Don’t wear very crisp material shirt or jacket. That will make you look wider.

· Don’t wear jackets with shoulder pads that will make your shoulders look wider.

Avoid these styles

ALERT: Loved a jacket that has shoulder pads? Or already have a jacket that has shoulder pads? Don’t worry! All you have to is take your jacket to any tailor and ask him/her to remove. And, problem solved!

Wedding, let’s get dressed.

Wedding season is on and you got nothing to worry now. We bring you the amazing solutions for your body shape. Just follow these amazing tips and look glamorous at the wedding/functions/festivals.

The Do’s…

· Wear a blouse with full sleeve or three forth sleeves.

· Keep your blouse plain and simple. Don’t like it? Ok! In that case just get designs done on the sleeves

· Don’t like sleeves? No problem, wear a sleeveless blouse with deep neckline (up to you how deep you want)

· You can also wear anarkali’s that are sleeveless or three fourth sleeves. With a “V” or “U” neckline.

Wear these styles

The Don’ts…

· Do not wear puffed sleeves blouse.

· Do not wear a boat neck or a round neck blouse.

· Do not go for blouses with collars.

· Don’t wear anarkali’s with high neck.

Don’t wear blouses or anarkali’s that have short sleeves.

Avoid these styles

Follow these easy amazing tips to make your inverted triangle body look flawless and attractive. Also, now you know what you should have in your wardrobe and what not to.

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