We all hear this particular question or become a victim to such encounters at least once in our lifetime. Having been a victim myself, I could understand what one feels in such situation. For some it proves to be a golden opportunity to boast of their partner’s efforts, how they went down on their knees and uttered those three golden words or how like a princess they gave their answer, “YES”, (that’s so cliche!) and for some it isn’t that Big of a deal.

Proposal or proposing someone means to divulge your feelings to your partner which now has become a misnomer. For we started it with expressing our feeling along with flamboyant ways of saying it to completely focusing it to be a frivolous act of displaying theatricality rather than expressing underlying emotions. After googling a bit, I discovered that a total of close to 4 lac Indian men or boys are searching for ways to propose a girl, which made me wonder how crucial proposals are in a relationship ?

Relationship are build on true feelings, so, wouldn’t it be enough to just express what you feel and get in a relationship ?

Is the idea of actually sitting on one’s knees and asking “would you like to be my girlfriend?”, more salient instead of enunciating your true feelings to them ?

Most of the women consider a proposal as a next step. I believe a proposal is a door, with right key or saying ‘yes’, you open it and enter the next level of attachment , a relationship. Its a line of transiting from leading life as a single being to belonging to someone else.

Different relationships have different motive of proposing . On an average, every relationship treads with two people as strangers, who embark upon a journey of an apparent friendship which is terminated by the guy proposing the girl with a lot of pomp and show, to become his girlfriend. Clearly, the motive was to convey one’s feelings and asking their partner to get in relationship with them.

But what is the guarantee that the words uttered and the feelings expressed were true?

Apparently , people if they don’t feel anything consider proposing a first shot at getting someone with no strings attached. Even in my case , I got my friends telling me to get in a relationship first because it would shift the paradigm from the monotone to quirkier excitement and will elate the essence of friendship altogether to a different notch. “You get more close after the commitment, I know , I have experienced it” , said by one of my friend with whom I am not in touch with now. I wonder why ?

So would this mean they restrict themselves before and wait for that proposal thing to happen so after that they feel free to share themselves?

Some relationships are different, where there is mutual understanding between the two parties and no such proposal is required. For them there is no wait for any such thing to happen which according to former “some”, lay a patch in taking things forward. The only motive behind proposing ,just in case, would be to tell family/friends that you were proposed on such-and-such day with THIS ring and here are the photos to prove it.

It would be wrong to actually judge the intensity of someone’s feeling based on how ostentatious the proposal was.

It is strange to think that in a world full of strong and independent women, why it becomes the sole duty of a guy to propose a girl ?

Why girls suddenly fall back into a role of a weaklings when it comes to proposing?

In a relationship, proposals should be incidental. Expressing how he/she feels about you, how much they like you, how much they want only you in their life, how they want to make you the happiest person in the whole world, how you heal their soul, how happy it makes them when with you, and most importantly when they tell how much they love you on numerous occasions cant be compared with anything in the whole world.