Low Vision — Definition, Symptoms and Solutions

Aishwarya J
Feb 19 · 2 min read
Low Vision

Have you lately learned about with Low Vision? Or any of your dear ones have been diagnosed with it? Firstly, don’t panic. Low Vision is a visual impairment, but that doesn’t mean the individual suffering from low vision is on his/her way to irreversible blindness.

As per the reports published by WHO, there are around 124 million people in the world are suffering from low vision. If one is suffering from low vision, he/she may have difficulties in performing day-to-day activities like reading, driving, preparing meals and other tasks. However, the disorder of low vision is partially curable with the help of specialized eye care aids.

Let us decipher the definition, types, causes, and solutions of Low Vision for better understanding and clarity.

Defining Low Vision:

Low vision is a visual disorder where the patient has lost a certain amount of eyesight. It is a kind of visual impairment, which cannot be completely rectified by the application of conventional glasses, contacts, or surgery.

What causes Low Vision?

Causes of low vision arise from a variety of conditions and injuries. These are usually the results of disorder or injuries affecting the eyes. Most common causes of low vision include Diabetes which affects the entire body, age-related macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma. Illnesses like eye cancer, albinism, brain injury, or any inherited disorders of the eye like retinitis pigmentosa can be the cause of low vision.

The solution for low vision:

Always remember that a person with low vision is not blind: they have some useful sight. And it can be partially rectified with the help of low vision aids. It is recommendable to visit a low vision eye care professional who will guide the patient to determine the right type of low vision aids that’ll help him/her to undertake the everyday task with ease.

However, there is a range of optical devices, which can enhance the quality of the patient’s vision. This range includes prescription eyewear, filters, adaptive equipment, magnifiers, strong magnifying reading glasses, loupes, and small telescopes. Patients are also recommended sunglasses for reduction of glare, protection from ultraviolet (UV) and blue light, and enhance the ability to see more clearly in different lighting conditions.

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