What’s new in my life today ?! — 2

Well, I am writing an article which is part of a series called ‘What’s new in my life today?!’ right now and that’s definitely something new for me :)

In addition, I have decided to take up a 30-day challenge starting on May 10th, 2017. So, what’s the challenge all about, you ask. I like to call it the “The Peace Challenge”. Basically, I have challenged myself to practice Pranayam at least once a day. If I have a busy morning, I could spare a few minutes for it in the evening, but I won’t and shan’t skip it.

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I have basic knowledge of Pranayam and I have decided to practice the following everyday without fail, adhering to the sequence below:

  1. Kapalbhaati
  2. Anulom Vilom
  3. Omkar
  4. Meditation

I am yet to observe and experience all the benefits and advantages of the same, but, taking up the challenge and starting my day in this way makes me feel very active throught the day already.

Today, inspite of a weak body (read why here) and some blood loss(periods) I had a really productive day and managed to step through my day with a lot of patience and peace of mind.

Well, that’s all I need to live my life 😊 Peace ✌

As Sadhguru says, Peace of mind should not be a luxury you enjoy once in a while, it’s something you should live with, every moment of your life.

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P.S — My mom is a Yoga Teacher and can perhaps help a few people with their queries, so do post your questions in the comments section and I will reply with answers on her behalf.

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