LED Video wall Service in Chennai

An event is an expert in devising mind-blowing hi-tech LED systems for brands and occasions, spectacular events that dazzle and will be talked about.

It has handled hundreds of events and developed customized creative LED concepts for clients. The best and reliable LED Video wall Service in Chennai is offered by Aishwarya LED Company! A direct LED video wall is a flat panel type display in which the image is produced by the LEDs themselves. In this way they can be differentiated from the backlit LCD in which the LEDs act as the only light source.

The recent development in the small pixel LED video wall displays provides much higher resolutions. This new technology makes the LEDs great for indoor applications. While these video wall LEDs command a premium price than most of the other display types, but their high impact viewing experiences as well as the versatility of the display has put them in high demand category.

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