To tame is to domesticate

Horse racing, Elephant safari, zoos , Harambe, slaughter-houses, leather bags, biryani.

For those of you that ask me what the connection is, well, look closely.

Horse racing, yay. Fancy gambling?

How many times have you taken an elephant safari? Loved it, din’t you? Have you seen how many people park their backsides on an elephant’s back for a ride?

Zoos are fun, aren’t they? I mean, the Lion looked at you and yawned. Where will you get to see a Lion yawn otherwise?

Thank god, they saved the child from Harambe. The caged gorilla could have killed the child, if not.

Enjoy a nice beef burger from time to time? Who cares what happens at the slaughterhouses? As long as I get my dose of protein, I’m happy.

Thanks for reading this absurd piece. But it is okay, continue eating your Biryani with a tall glass of milk and sign petitions that talk about how bull ‘taming’ is animal cruelty and how a poor farmer enjoying a traditional sport is barbaric.

P. S: you must not have noticed that I mentioned bull-taming and not bull fighting. But anyhoo, here is the link to an online dictionary, so you can read up the difference.

Good day to you:)