The Beauty, The Beast and The Knight

She was Beauty,

He was Beast.

She offered her heart,

He preferred ripping it apart.

She was willing to leave

the world for him.

He was more inclined.

towards leaving her numb.

Finally came the time for

The Sun to set.

After crushing The Beauty

The Beast happily left.

Wounded, she puts her

emotions on curb.

Never allowed her

heart to love someone.

Entered the Knight,

The generous kind.

Offered his heart

And his soul so divine.

Looking at the debonair

Beauty finally smiled.

There was no happy ending

The Knight failed to realise.

With one swift motion

She dug claws in his chest.

By ripping his heart out,

She ignored his only request.

The Knight died in front of her

Bathed in blood she finally understood

The Beast never left completely

And was grinning inside her hood.

He left a piece of his demon

within Beauty’s heart.

She cloaked her tainted soul and

fooled the world with innocent visage,

She enjoyed being cold-blooded,

And mastered His vicious game.

The Beauty and The Beast,

Are now one name.

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