What is the most important element in a relationship?

In all relationships, there is one important element which needs to be present — BOUNDARIES. In all types of relationships, whether it is a loving relationship or wheter it is a parental relationship, or even a sibling relationship; each and every type of relationships need to have certain established boundaries. Boundaries is that essential element that forms a reasonable relationship, which helps the partner’s actions to not cross the line. This doesn’t create distance between people, but instead it forms an understanding and a mutual relationship that would be very hard to break. For instance, if two people mutually have an understanding of their boundaries, it would seem as though they understand and is aware of their position in the relationship, perhaps it would create some kind of line between the two people; but it would be for the best interest of their better future. Lets think of it this way, teenagers who gets into relationship too soon tend to cross their boundaries and commit unretrievable mistakes and they tend to have regrets for it their whole life; im not stating that having relationships are bad, it’s good to find that one person who you feel most comfortable and trusted with to share your everything, but if you have an established set of boundaries and an understanding then it becomes easier and everything in that relationship would be true and pure; those kind of relationships then lasts longer and becomes stronger.

Life is an echo of ones decision

Love is a reflection of ones affection

Neither can both love and life be avoided

Both tend to exist together, just that a life without love is voided