Home Spaces Where You Can Use Frosted Glass

We all want our homes to be picture-perfect, just like those shown in the home décor magazines. People today appreciate well-designed homes and with the endless variety of products available in the market, it is very easy to decorate our home as per our choice. When it comes to buying fixtures for our home, we not only consider aesthetics, but also cater to the functionality. Frosted glass, a type of annealed glass, works perfectly in such cases as it is aesthetically appealing and also ensures privacy.

While bathroom tops the list of places where frosted glass is used in homes, there are several other spaces where installing frosted glass can be a good option.


Frosted glass is just perfect to be used in the windows of the bedroom. It helps in creating a dim-lit setting by keeping the excess light away from entering the room. Besides this, it also enhances privacy and is interesting to look. Though one can cover the bedroom windows with blinds and curtains, choosing frosted glass is like a permanent solution that once installed ensures privacy all the time.

Kids’ bathroom

Shower doors made from frosted glass offer great practical benefits in a kid’s bathroom. One can use it for partitioning the toilet and thus making the space feasible for two siblings to use simultaneously. These glass shower doors are available in various designs, popular being frameless sliders, bypass doors, single and double swinging doors. 
 Kitchen garden

If you have a kitchen garden in your house, opting for frosted glass can do wonders in enhancing the look and feel of the space. It will detract direct sunlight and thus help you maintain plants for a longer period of time. You can choose from a wide variety of glass colours and go for the ones that match with the kitchen décor. Just make sure that you buy durable glass. Opting for frosted glass would be the best option as it is very durable and will last for years. 
 Home libraries

Frosted glass is just perfect for your home office, study area or library. It will give a bright, sleek update to the area while ensuring privacy at the same time. Another advantage of using it is that it requires very less maintenance. You just need to clean it with a glass cleaner and a soft clean cloth, and it will look great for years.

Apart from frosted glass, one can also utilize other glass types such as tempered glass, laminated glass and lacquered glass to realize the dream of a beautiful home.