To My Dear Mother

Happy Mother’s Day Tatti, Being a best boy with you is the greatest joy of my life.

Dear mother ..

Make sure if I wrote you all the phrases Thanksgiving, there is no word right, died on us ..

If all kisses collected should be placed in only one place, the head of Galilee ..

You only deserve to be hitting him expand the peace, and to offer you all sort of loyalty, obedience and respect ..

You must not forget that you obliges me in bowels 9 months and as I know you suffered a lot of pregnancy and his troubles, but you're you enjoy every moment and every day that you do, you're expecting the day I was born impatient, not only spat and I'm inside you, but endured hardship hassles I am in the world the outside, and they are many countless ..

Dear mother..

Let me give you these words a token of thanks, the truer heart guide you thanks and gratitude to the glory bestowal Karim, and love endless and infinite love, the constant fear us ..

Dear mother..

You do not deserve a day to remind you of it, and it is not true that you are suitable to celebrate with you, because you deserve that all days are holidays and occasions and memories of you ..

And you have to know that you are the Idi, and my days are all feast your presence, my dear mom ..

So I ask God to protect you and time for us, and that helps me in obedience and righteousness in you, and that estimate that Uwe right even if it is impossible to re Here's part of the ongoing bestowal flowing like the river ..