Add personality to your work space with glass

This looks at modern glass solutions encased in stylistic uPVC frames that can add personality and functionality to your work space.

Modern glass solutions are not just revolutionizing residences and retail outlets, but the work space as well. Once used only as a décor product, this innovative material is now a leading construction material in the work space. The versatility of glass also allows architects and designers to use it in creative and unique ways to distinguish one’s space from their peers.

In addition, bringing in aesthetics with glass doesn’t necessitate a compromise in functionality. In fact, innovative glass solutions can bring in added comfort along with stunning visual appeal. There are numerous solutions available to enrich a work space and offer an impressive look to clients. These include:

Energy efficient glass

A comfortable workspace is crucial for good employee productivity and morale. However, with erratic and extreme weather conditions in India, managing comfortable interiors can be quite expensive. Constantly using artificial gadgets like air conditioners or blowers is not only harmful to health but extremely draining on our energy resources as well. With this modern solution either across the building façade or on the windows, offices can regulate temperature naturally.

Additionally, a stylish uPVC frame adorning this glass solution can revamp the style and personality of the interiors. For offices with limited space, uPVC casement windows fitted with this glass are a perfect fit. In this type of window, there is a side hinge that opens the window outwards allowing for ventilation as and when needed. Further, uPVC is extremely durable and resilient ensuring that your window solution can last for several years while retaining its aesthetic appeal.

Smart glass

Smart glass solutions are an exquisite mix of science and art that can instantly elevate any space while offering individuals the privacy they need. This stunning clear glass solution can turn opaque instantly at the click of a button. No longer do individuals need to rely on heavy drapes or messy blinds, instead a simple click of a button can turn any space into a private haven. This glass application can be witnessed in windows, doors or as a stylistic partition.

Offices can install this glass solution in doors and partitions for a private yet stylistic enclosure such as in conference rooms. Adding, the stunning brilliance of uPVC frames to this solution can further enhance the elegance of the work place. Available in a range of modern shades and finishes, uPVC frames for doors and windows come alive when paired with the right glass solution.

Noise cancelling glass

Another innovative glass solution perfect for every work space is the noise cancelling glass. This window solution can boost employee concentration and focus by reducing transference of sound from outside. Now offices can enjoy calm and peaceful interiors even when situated in the commercial hub of the city. Additionally, this glass solution can also be added as doors or partitions to limit the sound interference across departments.

Décor glass

For offices looking to stylise their interiors, this versatile material can offer several options. Etched glass solutions on doors and partitions can add a hint of privacy while also enhancing the style of personality of the workspace. Here, one can choose from a variety of designs and patterns ranging from bold strokes, intricate designs or even brand logos for a unique solution. Available in a frosted white or tinted shades, these etchings in glass can add a creative and modern vibe to the work space.

Secure glass

Modern glass also adds aesthetics to a work space while at the same time providing interior security and safety. This durable and sturdy solution can secure sensitive business data while also protecting employee safety. Laminated glass, for instance, is perfect to deter thieves and burglars from entering your space as it is almost impossible to break. Additionally, in case of damage, the glass pieces stay stuck in place within the frame offering safety for employees working inside. When encased in a secure uPVC frame, the strength of this solution is further enhanced.

Thus, modern work spaces can enjoy multiple benefits with glass and uPVC while adding style and elegance to their interiors. For latest solutions be sure to contact leading glass and uPVC windows manufacturers in India. A professional team will be able to offer you latest product designs with an experienced team for installation.