Crown lengthening, the procedure to improve ‘gummy’ smile!

Dr. Lalit Borale
May 19, 2018 · 3 min read

Crown lengthening is one of the prominent cosmetic dentistry procedures recommended by surgeons for Smile Design Treatment In Kalyan.

If it is suggested by your doc, then it is better you go for the procedure. The surgery is recommended when the surgeon expects a significant improvement in your smile after the surgery.

It is important that the surgeon who performs the surgery is proficient and expert. Also, apart from surgical expertise, the surgeon should have esthetical insight as well.

What is crown lengthening all about?

It is a procedure performed by the Best Dental Surgeon In Kalyan to save a broken tooth near the gum line. When it happens, the teeth are removed and replaced with implants.

When the natural teeth are not sufficient to support the artificial one, doctors suggest removal of the same.

When it is possible to fix a new crown by increasing the length of the exposed part of the broken tooth, the natural tooth is saved. It reduces the cost of tooth replacementandthe time required for the surgery.

Crown lengthening is also performed to correct the ‘gummy smile’. It means, gums are prominently visible when the person smiles. It affects the quality of smile and hampers the appearance.

Doctors remove gum tissues a little bit and expose some part of the tooth. It is done to give a sufficient tooth structure where crown can be placed.

Smile Design Treatment In Kalyan is done to correct the alignment of teeth and to improve the smile.

The procedure

Best Dental Surgeon In Kalyan performs necessary investigations before the procedure. They check the medical history as well.

Patients must inform the doctor about the complete medical history, allergies if any before performing the procedure.Dental cleaning (scaling) is performed before the surgery.

The excess part of the gums or bones is removed by making cuts. Thus, gum line gets pulled away from the teeth, exposing more part of it. Stitches are placed over the gums after the procedure.

A few painkillers and antibiotics are prescribed to prevent infection and discomfort. You may need antibacterial mouthwash to heal the site quickly.

After one week to ten days, you are required to revisit the surgeon for removing stitches. After assessing the post-operative healing status, doctors decide the next course of action.

Crown lengthening brings a remarkable improvement in the smile. It boosts the confidence of the patient by enhancing the overall appearance.

Laser treatment, the new-age method

There has been a significant improvement in the dental treatment during the recent years. With the development of the laser technology, the procedures have become fast, less painful and more accurate.

Leaving the gummy smile untreated not only hampers the appearance but also hampers the confidence of the person.

Smile Design Treatment In Kalyan can be done using different dental treatments.

Laser treatment is an effective and simple treatment. Doctors can correct the appearance comfortably and easily by removing the excess gum tissues using a laser beam.

The focus is on reshaping the underlying bone of the lower and upper jaw.

Since the laser beam is focused, sharp and doesn’t generate any heat or vibration; the Best Dental Surgeon In Kalyan achieve great results.

As the cost of treatment reduces with every passing year, more people are getting benefited by the procedure.

Dr. Lalit Borale

Written by

( Orthodontists Specialists In Kalyan )

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