Stumbling into a New Year

Welcome to my very first blog. I’m really not sure how this works, so for the pros out there, kindly ignore the amateur follies and for the newbies like me, hi-fi!

It was that time of the year with everyone listing the new year resolutions (that never work out). The bygone year smirks while the new one skeptically eyes the list. Gym, fat-to-fit, diet, learning a new skill .. it never ends.

The life of such lists is a mere few days, some lucky ones may see February.

So what makes people take up these resolutions even when they know it probably wouldn’t work out anyway? Simply put, HOPE.

Hope to make amends,

Hope to not screw up again,

Hope that you can bypass the hard times and zoom ahead at full throttle to anything that holds dear to you.

This new year was just like any other day for me. I didn’t have any particular resolution in mind but something did turn around this day for me. It was my best friend asking me to start a blog as a new year resolution. It sounded strange at first but then why not! “You can make money from it too” *sic*, that part didn’t register as much as the joy I got when I thought about writing again.

So here we are.